The Admirable Kryten

Who do you admire? That was often a question mooted for presentations back when I was at school and never being one for the cult of Celebrity I usually had to have a big think about. My usual choices were the actor Patrick Troughton, who was a prolific character actor from the 50s up until … Continue reading The Admirable Kryten

The British Summer- Nice Wasn’t It?

It's been a few weeks since I last updated properly, simply because I haven't had very much to say which I suppose you could take as a good sign or as a bad sign of things. For one week only we were blessed with glorious summer weather her in Shropshire with one particular day getting … Continue reading The British Summer- Nice Wasn’t It?


I can't think of many places I would call a 'Sanctuary' these days, once upon time the Sandman would look to find wisdom and escape at houses of the church of the fermented hop and barley, but with nearly 17 years worth of pub trade experience going to a pub always has a bit of a … Continue reading Getaway

Say what?

"I await your punishment commander." So says Zondaal, one of the Ice Warriors in the  Doctor Who story of the same name. Now taken out of context that line sounds a bit suspect and more like something you might read in 50 Shades of naffly written S&M porn and not something from a cheerful teatime adventure series. Is … Continue reading Say what?