For those of you who don’t speak French, Nuages is the word word for clouds.

Curiously enough this was a not I word I learnt during my French lesson back in my misspent Secondary School days, meteorological terms were not high on the curriculum it seems, it was far more important for us to know how to ask how would get to a disco. No, I learnt this particular word due to it being the name of a Django Reinhardt tune which was also the first tune I learnt to play on my Clarinet (I flat out refused to learn Stranger on the Shore) thanks to finding some sheet music on a Google search. The original recording of Nuages hails from a period in Reinhardt’s career when his long term foil Stephane Grapelli had left the Hot Club de Paris and headed for the safer shores of the UK due to the French occupation of a certain Mr. Hitler.

The tune is one of those I would like to listen to while lying back on a river bank on a sunny day watching the skies and running some Cleggian philosophies best my assorted friends, an occurrence which used to happen on various sunny Upton Jazz Festivals at the Bridge venue. Granted to date there hasn’t been a Django style Gypsy Swing band under the bridge, but there have been some very mellow bands over the years. This is not saying there haven’t been any Gypsy Jazz bands at the Festival as there  have been many; The Remi Harris Trio, Ralph Allin Quartet and Ben Holder’s Djangology for example, but they’re usually put in smaller more intimate venues such as the function room at the Star Hotel or Memorial Hall.

Every Cloud has a Silver lining, this must be a great concern for airline pilots.

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