I’m Back Baby Dolls

…as Mr Ted Moseby declared in the middle of a drunken bender in How I Met Your Mother.

Well Upton Jazz Festival was a bit of a mixed bag, as usual there were a good selection of bands and styles and a trio of bands from directly across the Channel. Unfortunately there no really big head liners this year which may have resulted in not such a big crowd and the ten day forecast suggested bad weather, which may have bought back bad memories of the 2012 festival. So the crowd may have been smaller and some of the atmosphere has dropped a little but there was plenty to enjoy as will be recounted sooner or later. There was a charity stall in the ticket off and these are a small selection of the CDs I bought there:

As you can see I ventured mostly toward the modern jazz side and probably was the only one who did, though there was an unpleasant surprise in that Fats Navarro Boxset, namely a missing disc.
The weather wasn’t too bad though the last day was a wet damp squib which I think may have deterred a few of the patrons and it would appear the drinkers weren’t out in force as the bar had six untapped firkins by the end of the night.
Here is a video of one of the bands, the wonderful Second Line lead by Trombone player Pete Johnson and his braces. The young lady on vocals is his younger sister.

So life is pretty good at the Plume of Feathers, plenty of fun banter with the locals and I am getting on well with most of the staff, there is quite a good range of personalities in the crew so it makes for a much more comfortable and textured atmosphere. The menu is good with some fantastic dishes and a rapidly changing specials board. I will no doubt go down with a few friends for dinner at some point to experience the place from the other side of the bar, it pays to see a place from both sides. In less then two weeks my shift pattern has a changed a little so instead of my two full days off being Thursday and Friday they now appear to be Friday and Saturday… I’m not sure how I will cope with that. I imagine this is only a temporary arrangement but this means it gives me prime opportunity to go up to Sale and take Sian out on a date, so I’m planning to take her to see the new Independence Day movie and to dinner.

I caught up with Tom and Mike at the Mytton on Friday and they are their usual selves, make of that what you will, essentially Tom was going all Foggy Dewhurst over the Mytton staff moving tables about for the summer ball as he felt he wasn’t aligning them correctly.
I popped in to the Kyn after finishing work on Wednesday and had a quick catch up with Zizzy and to see if there was any gossip. There isn’t. I was however greeted with a great big hug, the downside being it was from Ross. Luckily Ross is back in good health again and seems to have got a bit of bounce back in his step, evidently the time off has also helped recharged the batteries on his side.
Its not just myself who appears to be on the up, the lovely Katherine has started a job at a photographers and is looking into learning to drive. This is a double dose of good news as I feel tension was mounting in Screwfix for her and getting a car will give her greater freedoms, also it means she may be chose to visit her sentimental Sandman in sunny Shropshire. She has also hinted at something else set up by her fitness instructor but she has not disclosed what it is, so detective Sandman is assessing the situation and has come up with a couple of ideas but I shall not divulge them until she has gone public with whatever it is.

On Sian’s recommendation I have started to watch Joss Whedon’s series Firefly, which put simply for those of you unfamiliar with it, is essentially cowboys in space. Whedon certainly knows how to sell a concept by making it familiar, with Buffy the Vampire Slayer he used the tropes of the high school teenage genre as a background for the fantastical world of Vampires, so we had all the familiar icons: the geek, the shy girl, the bitchy cheerleader, the art student and the easy going new girl student wise and for the adults we had the sneering Principal, the friendly but stuffy librarian and the mysterious handsome college boy with a naff “cool” haircut. In Firefly we have the staples of the Cowboy genre, the former solider turned outlaw, the preacher, the whore with a heart of gold, the wrangler and the villainous Marshall and Sheriff, then through in a pair of wanted people seeking solace. It is a good show and I particularly like the mismatched crew and the social tensions created within. Nathan Fillion who plays the lead looks a little like Two and a Half Men’s Ashton Kutcher if you ask, character wise he seems a little bit of a cross between Roj Blake and Del Tarrant. I shall certainly enjoy watching the rest of the series and the follow up film and I can see why Sheldon Cooper was disappointed it was cancelled, but I can see why it didn’t quite catch on in the same way Buffy and Angel did.
I may go out and see Central Intelligence or the Ab Fab movie tonight, but we’ll see.


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