Of Mice and Barmen

Well I have officially finished my first full fortnight at the Plume of Feathers and it is all going well so far in both terms of business activity and personal relations with the other staff.
Although we are busy it is nice to be finishing at a respectable time and getting home before midnight on multiple occasions, Tuesday was probably the latest night as a late food rush meant our potwasher wasn’t finished until quite late. I’ve still had several visitations from Kynn residents and a few familiar faces from elsewhere such as Wal and a couple from the Dartmouth Arms.

I had a nice night chilling to some live Jazz at the Boycott Arms on Wednesday which was marred slightly by a very low audience turn out but nevermind. Thursday was a very busy day at work with us running out of tables quite quickly and a substantial wait on food as well, but its all good in the end.
Now as many of you know I am in the early stages of forming a relationship with a young lady named Sian who hails from Sale, a town on the Manchester side of Cheshire and this weekend we were planning to go a date and see the new Independence Day movie and thrn go for Dinner (or vice versa). Due to poor planning on my part I decided to make it Saturday rather than Friday which wasn’t too bad, plus Sian said she needed to rest and she had a mound of paperwork to do on Friday. However at around 9pm on Friday I got a message saying she couldn’t go out because a health problem but I could still go to the house and we could watch movies and order a takeaway and I could even stay the night (in the spare room I hasten to add). Ok so it might not be what I planned but it was something, however Saturday morning I received a text at around 7am stating she was really unwell and needed to rest up.  So with an unexpected free day what did I do? Well I cleared the old furniture out of the dining room as new furniture was due and then watched a rather dull Frankie Howard movie called “Up the Chastity Belt”, the only bit worth watching was the arrival of an effeminate Robin Hood and even camper band of Merry Men with some mildly amusing dialogue “This is where we make camp”/”Camp, yes thst is the right word” and later when describing Will Scarlet “He insists on designing his own outfits. Everytime he wears that one he keeps getting picked up by Norman soliders, I think that’s why he wears it.”
Believe me, that scene is the highlight of the movie.
I popped down to the Mytton only to find it was soon to be closed for a private function and reluctantly decided to head up to the Horseshoes to see if Major Tom was about. He was not, but I did catch up with Sprout whom I haven’t seen for over two years and Rob and Noggin. Being a total bastard I snuck to the Jukebox and put on “Lonely Woman” by Ornette Coleman, well I emjoyed it. I had planned to meet up with Pete but as he arrived he was shortly followed by Mary, so I decided to make a quick exit to Turkey Towers to avoid any awkwardness or potential unpleasant scenes.

After not finding the time, I finally found the time to finish off Ghosts of Karnack by George Mann. It was very good pulpy fun which rattles along at a cracking pace, though I felt the ending was a bit rushed but there are plenty of threads left hanging to be tied up in the next book in the series. Instead of going straghit to my Mark Hodder marathon I’ve decided to take a detour to crime fiction and have stsrtec to read The Hog’s Back Mystery by Freeman Wills Crofts, a book which has been released as part of the British Library Crime Classics series which Death of an Airman was a part of.

I think that’s all for now. Hope you all have a good week. Be seeing you.


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