Sunlight shone through the crack in the curtains casting a thin beam of light across the room. As the sun rose, the beam of light finally extended to the girl sleeping soundly in the bed prompting her to wearily wake from her sleep. She was a little over 20 years of age but in terms of her appearance looked very much as if she was still at school thanks to her elfin features, big wide eyes and petite stature. She tried to wearily brush her hair to one side as she climbed out of bed and checked the time before switching on the radio, her favourite morning show would be starting soon.  She wearily wandered across to her kitchen  and winced as her bare feet touched the cold tiled floor, she really needed to get some new mules she told herself as she switched on the kettle and began her morning breakfast ritual.

“-that was Dancing with Desire the opening track on The Mutant Phaee’s forthcoming album Diamond Cut Diamond. The group’s first totally  acoustic  album for three years.” announced the radio host who then went on to give a brief history of the band before the show ended with another track from the forthcoming album. The  kettle boiled and the toaster popped prompting the girl out of her little daydream and prepare her breakfast, she poured herself a cup of English Breakfast Tea and sipped slowly while nibbling on a generously jammed slice of toast. What would be her plan today? She hadn’t really got an idea, she’d see if there was a film she fancied seeing at the cinema in the early afternoon. Morning she guessed would be catch up on chores time, she smiled as the elongated vowels that defined her favourite radio presenter filled the air announcing it was the Breakfast Club and decided to make the most of the sunshine considering how much of another great British wash-out Summer it had been so far. She crossed to the curtains and drew them back and gasped as she looked out of the window. This wasn’t the back street mews in Thameside, out of  the window was a white sandy beach with various palm trees and breaking waves,   this was some Caribbean island. Her gobsmacked thoughts were disrupted by the ringing of the telephone, she ambled to the phone and answered it. “Hello,” she stammered some what lost.

“Good morning miss, I trust you slept well.” Said a rather posh male voice on the speaker. “Get yourself dressed and showered and get to Hall for 9. You can’t miss it, kind of looks like a green glass pyramid.”

“What? Who is this?” She asked but the caller had already hung up. The girl looked out at the beach view again and though about the phone call and realised whoever it was, was watching her and she suddenly felt very exposed wandering around in her nightie. She crossed to the wardrobe and opened the door, all her clothes were there from casual to formal to glamorous. Where was she?

Let me know if you want to continue with this.


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