Say what?

“I await your punishment commander.”

So says Zondaal, one of the Ice Warriors in the  Doctor Who story of the same name. Now taken out of context that line sounds a bit suspect and more like something you might read in 50 Shades of naffly written S&M porn and not something from a cheerful teatime adventure series. Is this a unique occurrence? Well no, so here are some my favourite suspect lines:

The Celestial Toymaker: I’m going to see if there is an invisible barrier around his backside.

The Gunfighters: I never figure you as a back shooter Ringo

The Highlanders: Take a man around the rear sergeant

Earthshock: I understand going down again must be hard

The Green Death: Feel our way along this crevice

Revenge of the Cybermen: Take the Cybermen from behind. Actually come to that the appearance of the Cybership docking looks rather suspect as well and the Cyber leader spends a  lot of time trying to  be threatening while walking around with his hands on his hips.


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