Tick rock goes the clock.

Time and tide melt the snowman- The 7th Doctor, Time and the Rani

In the series 6 finale of (new) Doctor Who,  which went under the title of The Wedding of River Song, the  plot revolves around time having fallen apart and all of history was happening at the same time so we have some wonderfully surreal images such as a city park with a sign baring the legend PLEASE DON’T FEED THE PTERODACTYLS, THEY ARE PESTS, a Roman Chariot being pulled down Baker’s Street, antigrav trains and Caeser Churchill. The reason being that because River Song messed with a fixed point in time the vortex has fallen apart and it is illustrated by every clock being stuck at four minutes passed two (I think, been a while). Now yes I know that technically a clock is an artificial way of measuring time and   as a result they shouldn’t really be affected, but it is a striking image and a simple device to illustrate the idea to the viewer.

The idea of a still clock representing a lack of movement of time has been done a few times before, the Avengers did to a certain degree in Hour that Never Was and it was done to  to sinister effect in the final adventure of Sapphire & Steel , this being ITV’s answer to Doctor Who only made with even less money. The  story in question involves a 1930s couple misplaced in time and stuck in a petrol station where everything is stuck in a moment, cars have a permanent tone in the background and the characters have no physical effect on the world, until the clock changes and the world resets to still position of what has happened in the mean time. So a fruit machine springs to life and a perpetual rainfall begins.

Now if you are anything like me when at home, no doubt you leave your watches and clocks are set a few minutes fast just to ensure we are on time


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