The young woman sat shaking on the sand, clinging her unfastened summer shirt around her bikini clad body, trying not to replay the events through her head. Her boyfriend sat next to her still nursing his bloody nose and trying not to wince at the bruises on his chest and face as the medic examined … Continue reading Selfie

The Tigress of Manchester

Like the twelfth Doctor, my friend Sian has very fierce eyes. I can certainly imagine that anyone foolish to upset her would no doubt be put in place by that stare, they may be fierce but don't get me wrong. They are full of life and vitality, I imagine the fierce looks comes from a … Continue reading The Tigress of Manchester

Let’s Get This Party Hopping – You Are Welcome 🎶👡💃🍖🍔🍿🍕🍦🍡🍰🍻

a cooking pot and twisted tales

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Yeah! It’s fun time this time 🙂

We cycle out of another month in a couple of days and the way time zooms by sometimes make me feel like a hamster running around in circles in pursuit of time 🙂

Anywhoo, I hope your weekend is going great. You are most welcome to my monthly meet & mingle, shake a leg & jingle, connect & interact with other awesome folks in here.

If this is your first-time visit, the rules of play are outlined below, if you are an old-timer, you know the drill.

Grab some refreshments and favours which nicely arranged down the page. Feel free to indulge, these are zero calories😉

Just some little party rules:

  1. You must mix and mingle with others. Don’t be a wallflower. Go say hello to someone and you can participate in the Tag a poem, a thought or quote below.
  2. Let us know…

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