Ring of Fire

I am not one for cravings, well not really.

There   are  certain things which perhaps have become routine rather than a craving. Ever couple of weeks I like to order a takeaway, normally an Indian at the moment. At the moment  my choice is either a Chicken Tikka Madras or a Lamb Madras for the body but I play around with my sides; sometimes it’s garlic rice, some times fried…you get the picture. Normally I go for a Tikka Naan when having a plain  Chicken or Lamb Madras if not it’s a Chilli Naan or a Coriander  Naan, with a very third variable side order. My current curry house is Aftab in Ironbridge, which was one of the few places which delivered to the Kynnersley Arms when I was  living on premises four days a week.

Before hand I was into Chinese Takeaway and I’d usually order from Golden House in Wellington because they’d deliver to the Horseshoes. Admittedly that was the main reason as they could be very variable in quality and accuracy. I always ordered set Meal A which was the Chicken Curry with Battered Pork Balls and Pancake Roll and Chips, usually subbing the Pork for Chicken, mostly for taste preference but sometimes  because my Dad’s side of the family might be visiting and my nan’s Maiden name was Libeaman…

I did like  Seven Stars but they have recently priced themselves out of a reasonable price for a single diner for delivered takeout.


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