Songs of Praise

Praise- its a funny thing isn’t it?

It is something that is quite easy to give out (and even easier to give out and have it accepted when it isn’t really deserved). But often praise is not given when it is truly deserved and those we deserve it tend to rather not want it as the down said of accepting praise too often is that leads to laziness and a going through the motions routine, to a certain degree the self doubting artist stereotype has a valid argument for achieving and improving success.

An amusing story about praise was one I read about in Jazzwise magazine about the Jazz and Blues Guitarist Billy Jenkins, a man who is licensed to perform humanist funerals to share his belief that men are cremated equal, and a video he did called “Songs of Praise.” It seems that a minor clerk at the BBC noted the title and tried to get the release blocked thinking it was a bootleg release of the BBC Sunday hymns program “Songs of Praise”, luckily nothing came of this. The album is in no way a spiritual album and is very avant-garde, so I would imagine the title is intended to be ironic.


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