The Last Drop

When I was a school boy in Primary School part of the curriculum stated we had to have one music lesson a week. Now before you think that meant the school were handing out a variety of instruments we could blow, strum or thump you are mistaken; what we  had as the standard weekly lesson would be the classes in our year would sit on the dusty wooden floor of the hall and sing the lyrics to various songs which were put on the projector while one of the teachers, normally Mr Forster or Mrs Williams (nee Allet), would provide accompaniment on the school piano.

One of the songs we sang was a terrible song called Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats & Dogs which was a number one hit for for one-hit wonders Brian and Micheal and was about the work of painter LS Lowery, a painter  dismissed as a naive Sunday Painter in some circles because of the lack of weather effects in his landscapes and  his use of stylised figures. It is for his Urban Landscapes  for which  he is most well known, often based around factories and towns.

Myself, I  have never really been into painting, even when at secondary school I preferred to sketch and leave things in black and white. Art wasn’t a particularly interesting topic for me and I dropped it pretty much as soon as I could. A few of my friends such as Laura Wescott, Zizzy Atkin-Brown and Ian Tranter were particularly good artists, Zizzy still paints and sells her artwork as does my work colleague Chloe.


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