The Thin Grey Line

There is thin grey line separating Obession and dedication.

The latter can lead to the former which is usually considered a bad thing, although the subject of obsession does have an influence.

For me the nearest I have come to an obsession was my fan dedication to various TV shows, but compared to some I was relatively tame. I have been to a single Doctor Who convention in 2000 and it was certainly an experience, while there was a small percentage of cos-players in the crowd  (admittedly many of them choldren) most people were quirky but nothing worrying. However there were a few who were a bit of your stereotypical sci-fi nerd and while I am sure they were perfectly harmless I did feel a bit uneasy. … but not some much as the guy dressed as Jamie who took the Kilt tradition on board.  I do believe Frazer Hones made the costume department put weights in his Kilt incase of wind on location… it was a windy day in Coventry and the chap had not heeded that advice.


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