A Saturday Short Story.

Here we are with a story much more in my usual field as opposed to  my earlier flirtation with erotica. Again feed  back is always appreciated.


The Lighthouse Lark By Michael  Storm 

“I am sorry ok,” Liz sighed through gritted teeth.  “I thought the brief said the case involved a little light Housekeeping.”

“Not to worry,” replied Arthur as he slipped out of his fisherman’s jacket. “It’ll be good to have some piece and quiet.”

“Hardly going to be that,” said Dr. Webster. “There’s a lot of work to do in a Lighthouse.”

“So what is the brief?”asked Liz, she’d only skimmed the file back at HQ.

“Smugglers,” said Arthur simply. “The Lighthouse and island here are just outside the five mile limit. Illegal booze has been found  in various establishmens on the shore but there is potential there is something else coming through.”

“How many people live on the island,” queried Dr.  Webster.

“A few dozen, it is mostly tourist out to get a bit of solitude which is why we need you here doctor.”

“I am to act as the local GP then? As well as being a Lighthouse keeper.”

“Of sorts, Liz and I will do the running of the Lighthouse with the aide of General Stewart.”

“General Stewart?” Asked Liz. “As in Sir Alister?”

“Alas no,” laughed Arthur. “He is one of my oldest field operatives. Highly  reliable. Shouldn’t be really, he’s a solider whose heart belongs to the sea. Can’t shoot, can’t swim. Writes poetry I believe.”

“Man of culture then,” smiled Liz. “Unless they are just Limericks about men from Nantucket,” she added with a frown.

“What are you doing Benjamin?” Asked Arthur who noted that Webster was circling the room aimlessly. “Have an aversion to round things?”

“Not if the Christmas party is anything to go by,”laughed Liz cheekily.

“Yes quite,” sighed Dr. Webster. “Something about the floor seems odd and can’t put my finger on what it is.”

“Odd?” queried Arthur.

“Yeah, it’s like -oh I don’tknow..”

“It is probably the lack of Vibrations,”boomed a voice from the top of the stairs. “The generator isn’t in the Lighthouse but a few hundred yards away.”

The trio looked toward the voice, a man in dressed uniform was stood at top of the flight and he descended to ground level. “I am the general. Welcome to the Dead Man’s Isle.”





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