Saturday Story: School Reunion

This story has an 18 certificate and deals with themes and images of an adult and sexual nature.

The bar rang last call and I purchased a final drink for myself and for Sandra, I  was drinking a fruit juice as I had already had a few beers and didn’t want to get steaming, Sandra had a white wine spritzer with soda, besides I somehow felt it inappropriate to be drinking alcohol around my English teacher even though I had left school 7 years ago.

“I enjoyed the play,” she said smiling as she took the glass, “though I was quite surprised when you took your clothes off.”

“Well I  was surprised to see you in the audience,” I replied still a little embarrassed  and nervous at it all. It had been one thing performing naked in rehearsals and  again while it was nerve-wracking on opening night in front of the audience, but having seen not only a familiar face in the audience but that of the teacher I had a small boy crush on, had thrown me slightly, even more so when she joined me after the show here in the bar. “I guess it is karma for all those times your teenage charges were checking out your bosom,” I added to which she laughed.

“Is this the first time you have appeared nude in front of an audience?” She asked. I nodded in reply. “It must take some guts, not sure I could do it.”

I quickly changed the subject to my course at Uni and asked how things were going with her, but our conversation was cut short by the Landlady asking us to drink up.

“My flat isn’t far if you want to continue our conversation over coffee,” I chirruped. She agreed that’d be nice and we headed off over to my place. I brewed a pot of coffee and we sat on the sofa and discussed  what had happened in the intrim; she’d taken a year out from teaching to travel India and relocated to the city after she returned. I told her about my course, my holidays to the USA and a few other stories, it was then the clock chimed two am.

“Shit I better book you a taxi,” I said. “Unless you’d rather stay, i’ll crash on the couch.”

“I think I’ll  stay, if you don’t mind.” Answered Sandra wearily.



I  had brushed my teeth and pulled the spare duvet and pillow from my wardrobe and was beginning  to  change into my bed clothes when Sandra entered the room. I yelped a little and blushed as I stood in my boxer shorts in front of her, “sorry I was just changing.” I said, “i’ll just nip to the bathroom.”

“Why so shy?” Sandra laughed, “You bared all three hours ago in front of 200.”

“Fair point,” I conceded and finished undressing, albeit feeling a but awkward and I tried to cover my modesty.

“Oh let me have a peek”, she laughed. “I can answer the question  I thought you meant.”

Shyly and a bit curious as too where this was leading, I uncovered myself  and saw Sandra was having a good look at me. “How long?” She asked.

“How long?” I asked a little puzzled.

“Your penis, how long is it?”

“I er, haven’t measured it.” I stammered blushing. “How does it look to you?”

Sandra smiled. “Looks a decent size to me as it is.” She unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide to  the floor, “I think it only fair I even it up.” She said softly as she unclipped her bra  and let her mighty bosom spill out.

“Oh my god,” I replied blushing. “You have, I mean…” not quite sure what to say and suddenly very aware of being naked.

She wrapped her arms around me and placed her lips on mine, “how many times did you fantasise about this when growing up?” She whispered as we engaged into a passionate kiss, I let her hands slide down my body and slipped one to my penis and gently rubbed her hand up and down until I was fully erect. Sandra looked up at me with a glint in her eye before looking down at my erection and kneeled down  “I can see why they cast you.” She said softly and she placed her lips around my penis and  began performing oral sex. After a minute or so into the act before she stood up and removed her trousers and knickers. “What do you think?” She asked. I scanned her naked body, she had kept herself in good shape, her breasts were large and beginning to sag a little, her nipples were are hard and erect. I lent in and gently kissed her breasts and slid my hand down between her legs and massaged her and she in turn slipped her hand around my penis before we gently fell onto the bed . I gave her a passionate kiss on the lips before gently kissing down her naked  body, I paused briefly and she looked up at me expectantly, “I want you in me,” she whispered softly.  Nervously I slid my penis between her legs, she gave an involuntary gasp as  I did so.  I started gently sliding inside her before getting to a faster harder rhythm we both enjoyed, she ran her hands up and down my back, dragging her fingernails into my back, moaning in pleasure before we mutually climaxed. We kissed passionately. “Leave it in for a moment,” she whispered in my ear.

We curled up in each others arms, “I wasn’t expecting that to happen.” I said cheekily, still somewhat gobsmacked that I had just fucked the teacher I had a school boy crush on.

“I can’t say I was either,”  Sandra replied. “You clearly aren’t used to girls with big boobs, you barely touched them.”  She rolled on top of me letting her mighty breasts hang down inviting me to fondle them, an invite I accepted graciously. She guided her hand down  to my penis and gently rubbed it until it was erect again and briefly went down,  she paused mid action. “I am going to have to do this,” she smiled and quickly got out of bed and returned a moment later with the ruler from my desk and rested it against my erection and smiled. “It certainly felt like it.”




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