Happy Sunday

It has been a while again since I last updated and what has happened. Not a lot it would seem, work is going well with a number of stupidly busy days and a few quiter ones. Because we, unlike the Kynn, are properly staffed it means my finishes are much earlier and I have been getting home at reasonable times. There have been several times I have managed to be tucked up in bed before 1:30 which is nice, i have noticed though it has taken me a while to setyle though and weirdly I seem to settle better when Ben curls up on the bed.

I’m three chapters into Mark Hodder’s The Secret of Abdu El Yezdhi and I’m alrwady confused as to what has happened, I think perhaps I should have reread Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon before startingSecret. We appear to have a two different versions of the lead character Sir Richard Burton and another alternative monarch on the throne. I’m sure it will make sense in the end.

I had put myself up gor the August challenge of writing a page a day but I have procrastinated terribly, though I have been writing odds and sods around the place. Mostly teasers and set ups of different ideas in the crime genre and a short story semi-biographical story about the time I remet my old English Teacher and it is a story in a totally different genre.
Thanks to Spotify I came across an album by Jan Joannason called Jazz di Ryskia, which at a rough guess is Swedish for Jazz from Russia. I came across it thanks to Spotify discover and had a song which seemed to be incomprehensible except for the word Moscva which I guessed was !oscow… so I listened to it and it was a piano trio version of “Midnight in Moscow” and a total contrast to the Kenny Ball version.

I have been catching up with some films and go around to wstching Batman vs Superman a film which has caused very vocal views on it. Is it any good? Not really, nothing seems to happen for the first hour and a half and the feud between Superman and Batman seems silly as is the way they end up being on the same side. The fight itself is pretty good with Batman having created a series of Kryptonite based weapons and a new armoured Batsuit to take on Superman, but as I said before, the end is silly. Really their mums both have the same name? Is that the best they can do? Then we get a rather rushed finale with Lex Luthar launching Doomsday on the world causing the two heroes to join forces and adding in a sudden cameo by Wonderwoman, it finally livens up but it is too late to save the picture, though the ending is setting up a justice league movie although what they will do to replace one character I don’t know. Minor spoiler one of the three Superheroes doesn’t make it to the final reel.

That’s all for now, hope you are all ok.


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