A Commodity that Becomes You

The Moon

A constant source of fascination for the human race since records began and there have been many journey to the moon stories long before Neil Armstrong placed the flag on its surface. One of my favourites is The First Men in the Moon by H G Wells which despite some rather preposterous Science (the gravity defying Cavorite being the least contentious element of the story) is rather fun sneering at the colonial attitudes of the Victorian era and has some interesting ideas for a series of Lunar based aliens and something of an open ended finale. The BBC did an adaption of it several years ago starring and produced by League of Gentlemen scribe Mark Gatiss  which ties up the open ending with a new ending which follows on from a seed set up in the book and goes to tie up the issue of their being no air on the moon.

In 2014 the eight series of the revived Doctor Who had an episode entitled “Kill the Moon” in which an expedition sets to the Moon with the intent of blowing it up as it has began to gain mass and has began to develop a strong gravity. The set up is intriguing and the monster of the week being some killer space spiders adds some menace for younger viewers, but ultimately the answer is a cop out and almost as ridiculous as the gravity defying Cavorite. The Moon is an egg and it is getting ready to hatch. No, I still can’t fathom why that idea was passed either. The rest of the episode then follows a debate of whether or not to kill the creature to protect the Earth or let it hatch, the consequences are both explored as theories and curiously enough the Doctor drops out of sight until the very end to rescue the stranded humans. The subsequent epilogue sets up the notion that it is the events of the episode that prompts the human race to start looking beyond internal petty differences and also shows that we have a tougher and more ruthless Doctor in the form of Capaldi.



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