The Mancurian Candidate

Guess who I saw on Friday.
That’s right, everyone I looked at.


So after six weeks of cancelled plans, illness and arguments Friday I finally got to meet the delightful Sian. There was no real plan to it, I just got a message in the morning asking if I wanted to meet up and arranged to meet at the Trafford Centre which is just outside Manchester. So despite checking out an alternative route I was encouraged to go up the M6 as it would only take one hour and forty-five minutes. It actually took me just over three hours to get there due to two sets of road works and a collision on the M62. After finally getting there and finding a place to park I set upon the challenge of finding my young lady, had it been the original schedule I would have gone to a Starbucks or some such informed her of my location and read my book until she arrived. Well I was over an hour late so it became a simple act of her finding me, so I located myself at part of the Trafford Centre called…. New Orleans, which was a mock up of a town in Mardi Gras with a statue of a jazz combo at the entrance. So after a small wait my lovely young lady arrived, wearing a lovely pink outfit with a jewelled belt. We went to grab a coffee and catch up with bits and pieces and she informed me of her set up for studying her PHD which is going to be in Psychology and taking place at Lancashire University, apparently it is going to be a continuous course so she won’t be getting any summer holiday. After our coffee we went to the Odeon to see the new Star Trek movie and grab a pizza before hand, I can’t help wonder if the Pizza Place’s founder was Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart as it is called Croma. Sian had a Margarita Pizza off the Basic Menu and I had the Tandoori Chicken off the Gourmet Menu, initially I was going to have the Peking Duck Pizza, (odd topping choice I know), but Sian told me that the staff were rather liberal with the Coriander so I changed my mind. I like a bit of Coriander and if the Tandoori Pizza was anything to go by, they are indeed very liberal. The Pizzas were very nice although I am not used to straight 11 inch pizzas, I kind of expect my Pizzas to be round or a radial segment, once we had finished it was just about time for the film so we purchased our tickets (at a discounted rate due to Sian being in a wheelchair) and made our way to the screen, obviously we had front row seats due to the higher seats being only accessible by steps. Was the film any good? I enjoyed it though it wasn’t patch on Star Trek Into Darkness, Sian rightfully pointed out that the plot was similar to Star Insurrection and I felt there were certain elements of Star Trek Nemesis in the film as well. They acknowledge the passing of Leonard Nimoy in the actual story itself with Old Spock dying and his affects being left to young Spock and a nice little nod where young Spock looks at a Photo from Old Spock’s affects and it is a photograph of the original crew, the film is dedicated to the memory of Leonard Nimoy, though Sian and I felt that the caption ‘For Anton’ was a bit underwhelming to mark the passing of Anton Yelchin who played the young Chekov in the reboot movies, perhaps they’ll make a bigger thing about it with the next movie.
I will go into details about the film in a later post but what I will say, or rather ask, is how many times are they going to blow up the Enterprise is this film series?


After the film we had a little bit more of a chat and we had a giggle at how my Sister’s move to Canada has been so badly organised and Sian’s surprise that I don’t get any flack in regards to my sister being a GP and me a Publican. Sian’s lift arrived and I made my way back to Telford… I totally deny getting lost trying to find my car in the Trafford centre. It took less then 2 hours to get home! Man I was tired though, never before has bed been so welcome.

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