Old Dog with New Tricks

A Dangerous thing was the eventual title of a piece of fiction I started feature my long used characters of Dr. Webster, Arthur Fransure, Corporal Bell and Liz Radcliffe and it was set in a school where something odd was happening. Now I knew I wanted to do a story set in a school for a while,  but the nature of the storyline was where the trouble was. I knew I did not want to go down the three usual routes that school based crime stories go down which:

1. Drug Peddling- whether it be drugs being smuggled into school or a drug ring being lead from it.

2. Prostitution- a set up I would rather avoid but I think I would have it that it was a racket of hiring out boys as opposed to the usual use of school girls.

3. Kidnapping of pupils. Done far, far too many times.

So I was at a quandary as to the making of the plot as I had the set up for under cover sorted; Corporal Bell would be posing as a PE teacher, Dr Webster as a biology teacher, Arthur as the in-house handy man and Liz posing as the school nurse and first aider.

The school was to be called the Robert Johnson School of Secondary education and the headmaster was to be called Mr E K Ellington and various nods with in joke names like the head of PE being called S. Matthews, the villian being called Irons- with the intent of making him a sympathetic villian… but still I was stumped, then I had the answer….

I needed a spectacular opening and I got the idea that the School’s sporting champion would be hit by a speeding van and thrown into the building smashing the window… then getting up and walking away with just a torn uniform and ruffled hair. Got my set up… then there was the why… and there I will leave it.

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