Saturday Fiction: Monday Morning

“Good Morning Class,” began Amy, “before I begin the lesson I think I need to bring you up to speed over rumours which may be circulating over the next few days.”

The class weren’t really paying attention they were busy chatting away about their weekend activities, but she felt she needed to nip any rumours in the bud, that was the downside to being friends with one of your pupil’s parents, especially when they  invite you on a Hen-Party.

“As you are aware I recently attended a hen party and certain images made their way onto certain social media services,” she swallowed nervously.

“Did you get your tits out?” quipped one of the students, she didn’t spot which one.

“I think that is a bit out of order,” she answered blushing. “The said images have since been removed, however I would like you to know that it is a prominent example of being aware that we are in a-” Her sentence was cut short as the class room door burst open and four heavily armed men burst in.

“On the floor all of you,” barked the leader. “Do as we say and no one gets hurt.”

“What is the meaning of this?” Demanded Amy.

“Shut it bitch,” snapped another man and slapped her across the face and chucked her to the floor. One of the other men picked up Amy’s handbag and pulled her mobile phone out of it. “Unlock this and phone the council, I want to speak to the mayor.”

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