Flight Through Infinity

How has life in the world of the Sandman been this week?
Well it has been a mixed bag, reasonably busy week at work… well aside from Tuesday night which wss f***ing manic. The sunny weather bought the population of Shropshire out in force to the Plume of Feathers and we have a large number of outside diners, in itself not totally unexpected but we had two groups of ten who insisted on ordering individually which just causes a back log at the bar, not too mention it moves part of the staff off the floor for longer then usual making service hard. We managed to call in Alex to help out which was greatly appreciated. In short on Tuesday evening we did 87 covers and boy did it feel like it…
Again some familiar faces from the past have popped in the Pub, young Grant who I haven’t seen for years was in with his children, it was nice to see him and catch up and a familiar face from my school days popped in for lunch with friends. Namely one of my teachers whom later was in the audience of a play I was in many moons again, it is fair to say she got to know me a little better then, but it lead to a rather awkward silence.



I popped down to the Mytton  on Wednesday to catch up with Major Tom but he was notable by his absence. However it wasn’t a totally wasted journey as Nick, Barman Extrodinare service was required. They were having an issue with the 1403 beer, which is a light golden ale but “was coming out much darker then normal” so I had a sample and it was malty as well very dark. Quick as a rabbit I got me a thought”check the barrel and see what the label says”, so after a check and a confused conversation about Gyle numbers I sorted the problem: it was the 1066 beer which was brewed by the same company, case closed. It was then that Tom’s eldest daughter Chloe arrived for a friends leaving party, looking very summery in a ice-lolly orange dress and complaining she can’t drink as she has work the next day. We had a little chat and she made some comment about what one of her friends has been getting up to… lets just say although curious I didn’t enquire if it was amatuer or professional, I’ll leave you to figure out what the subject matter is.



When home I sat down to watch the classic Doctor Who story “Genesis of the Daleks” which is a fan favourite and was choosen to represent the fourth Doctor in the 1992 repeat season. I was 9 at the time of the repeat and I probably found it went a bit above my head, but watching it as an adult I have a different point of view. It is unrelentingly grim with a certain degree of sadism in the story, whether it be the Thal Solider dangling Sarah over a scaffold and pretending to loosen his grip while telling “they say that when people fall from great heights they are d3ad before they hit the bottom, should we find out?” and later Davros electronically torturing Sarah and Harry. Davros is probably at his very best here and he is very much a three dimensional character as opposed to just a ranting megalomaniac, this is perhaps one of the most famous scenes of the story:

The story gives an interesting moral dilemma aa the Doctor prepares to commit genocide, The “do I have the right speech” is interesting as it mirrors the ealier scene with Davros and illustrates the differences between the two:


Would you touch the wires together?

Friday I had my car serviced and got through a fair amount of Abdu El Yezdi, which is finally beginning to make more sense and how it fits in the previous novels and the subtle differences between the two parallel worlds, it is in essence a reboot of the series and a few characters are reintroduced though we are yet to meet Swinburne again. In the evening I went to the Bar Next Door to see a gig by the lovely Jae Ryder, it was an acoustic night and played songs from various genres including “Don’t Know Why”, “House of the Rising Sun” and “Fulsome Prison Blues”, all exceptionally done as expected. The beer was good too with Enville White on draft as well as Three Tuns XXX.

Saturday was a lazy day but I did managed to boot up my old laptop and get Scherzo chapter twooff the hard drive, I’d only written two pages and I may start it again or just do some rewrites. I may have Liz visit the military base to give her more to do, if not I need to rework Arthur’s encounter with base’s CO. I managed to catch up with Tom on Saturday with him seemingly setting up a goal for his middle daughter’s exams; if she gets straghit As he’ll buy her a horse… and then for some reason went on about my ‘dimensions’ and those of black men…. and he says I go off on weird tangents.

Well that more or less brings me full circle so toodles for now.

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