Daily Prompt: Vice

via Daily Prompt: Vice

I am not sure I have a Vice as such, some  no doubt will say otherwise, but I imagine  my biggest one  is books. I am frequently being books and have an ever growing “to read list” which shows no sign of shrinking. Many of my recent purchases have been books published in the British Library Crime Classics series which are republications of long out of print murder mysteries from the early part of the 20th century/late 19th century by authors who are either out of favour or relatively unknown now. True, some of the books haven’t aged too well and the prose syntax is a tad old fashioned but most of them are entertaining page turners.


Other recent  purchases include the fifth and sixth installments in Mark Hodder’s Burton  & Swinburne series, set in a parallel 19th century where Queen Victoria was assassinated early in her reign and such it is very different era. Quite complex, but written with witty prose and clearly the author has done his research into thinking how this setup works.



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