The young woman sat shaking on the sand, clinging her unfastened summer shirt around her bikini clad body, trying not to replay the events through her head. Her boyfriend sat next to her still nursing his bloody nose and trying not to wince at the bruises on his chest and face as the medic examined him. After a couple of minutes silence she finally looked up at the inspectors (?). One was a middle aged portly man who was possibly wearing a girdle under his somewhat distinctive outfit. He had a thin greying moustache and his hair was combed into a side parting and despite a rather stern expression there was a friendly warmth to his eyes, he was gently leaning on a walking cane occasionally drumming his fingers to some imaginary rhythm.

“I’m sorry, what was the question?” She asked.

“Have you any idea what prompted the assult?” He asked.

“Robbery I guess, I have a fair bit of cash in my purse and a bit of jewellery I didn’t want to lose in the sea.”  The inspector paused and pondered this but she could tell this wasn’t what he was thinking.

“Perhaps you could just go through the events,” began the inspector. “Sorry to question you at such an unpleasant time, I would have questioned you earlier but you hadn’the been assulted then.”

The medic looked up from tending his patient and through the inspector a look. “Even for you, that was tactless Arthur.”

The girl  shrugged, “might as well get it over with. My boyfriend and I were messing about in the sea and we decided to  go to… a quieter part of the beach.”

“Oh why was that?” Asked Arthur. The medic through him a look and nodded with his head between the two teenagers. “Oh right..” Answered Arthur, cheeks getting a bit red. “So…” He began to fluster.

“We went across the rocks,” said the young man “and took a few snaps enroute and -ouch!”  The young twitched in pain at the medics examination.

“Sorry,” replied the medic. “Looks like you have a fractured  rib or two. I’ll have to take you to  my surgery for an X-Ray.”

“Well we were walking  back, took a few selfies and then this man came out of nowhere,” said the girl beginning to shake. “He grabbed me and twisted my trying to  grab at my bag… then a Steve tried to interfere and the man hit him.” She began to cry.. “he kicked him and… and…”

“Arthur that’s enough!” Snapped the medic.

“Yes quite right,” agreed Arthur. “I’m sorry.” With that he produced one his hankerchiefs from his pocket and offered it to the girl.

“Any idea? ” asked the medic.

“I don’t think robbery was the intent, well not in the sense of financial theft anyway.” He mused, he lowered himself to the ground and placed a comforting hand on the girl’s shoulder.

“Selfies!” exclaimed the medic in a way not too dissimilar to Archimedies screaming Eureka.

Arthur looked up at quizzically, “I beg your pardon doctor.”


“My name is Caroline”

“-sorry, Caroline said they were taking selfies.”

A light switched on in Arthur’s eyes, “of course. Webster you are genius!” He turned to Carole,  “may we see the photos on your phone? ”

“Well can I show you them?” She said blushing a bit. “Some of them are personal, if you know what I mean.”

“No idea, but I just want to see the ones prior to the assult.”

After a few minutes of various Umm noises from the couple, Arthur was presented with a series of sentimental selfies of the couple. Shaking his head he was about to hand the phone back, when he spotted something. He zoomed in and tutted.

“Caroline I need to get copies of these photos, ” he said. “Can you download them onto Dr Webster’s computer in his surgery?”

“Why?” She asked.

“I need to see the background in detail… because I think I may seen a familiar face and I need to show it to One-Ten.”

“I’m confused, ” said Dr. Webster. “Just get intelligence on the persons wherabouts. ”

“Not that simple doctor,” said Arthur gravely. “Because if it is who I think it is, we will have to go to the place as far as I know he resides”

“Well why not start there?” Asked the boyfriend befuddled.

“Because his last  known location was Station Road cemetery.”



Thoughts and feedback welcome as ever.


15 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. Wow, I love this genre of stories and you’ve written this one so well.

    I caught a few grammar and missing words kind of mistakes and I’m not sure if you want me to point them out. If you do, give me a shout.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Okay! I had to ask because I don’t want to be called a grammar nazi. 😀

        Paragraph 1, sentence 4: “After a couple of minutes silence”, I believe, it would sound better if it’s changed to “After a couple minutes of silence,” (add the comma after silence)
        Para. 1 Sen. 6: “combed into a side” I think it should be, “combed to the side”. Add a comma after “stern expression”, and add an “and” between “walking cane occasionally”
        Par. 4 sen. 1: “jewellry” supposed to be “jewelry”
        Par. 8 sen. 1: “through” should be “threw” and delete “with his head” after “nodded”
        Par. 9. sen. 2: “The young (?) twitched” – a word is missing
        Par. 10 sen. 1: Missing a comma after “Well”, “took” should be “taking”, missing comma between “girl” and “beginning”, and “grabbed me and twisted my (?) trying” – missing word
        Par. 12: Missing comma after “With that”
        Par. 14: Missing comma after “mused”
        Par. 20: Capitalize the “O” in “Of course. Missing comma after “Webster”
        Par. 23: This sentence is a little confusing. “Shaking his head he was about to hand the phone back, when he spotted something.” I think this might be a little better. “He shook his head but as he was about to hand the phone back, he spotted…”

        I hope these were helpful as a guide. The corrections are completely up to you.


      • The characters were nicely developed though I keep getting a feeling that they’re in the wrong time period. I feel like they belong in the 1980’s and not in the age of selfies? Especially for the Caroline character.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh he is on the side of the Angels, not always one of them. He is sharp with Caroline but also comforts her… the hankerchief is important btw. You can tell I have a full backstory for Arthur can’t you?

        Liked by 1 person

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