Seven Heaven

Following a recent twitter trend:


H-h-Hancock’s Half Hour

The opening is merely a few bars but it is very recognisable. Simplistic? Yes but totally matches the Live and as Live shoes



Joss Whedon’s underrated Cowboys in space series, possibly influenced by Blake’s 7, but it captures the idea of the series out right.


Which leads me to Blake’s 7

Spaceships by Kellogg’s and special effects by Lego. The final series has a very dull generic title sequence but Dudley Simpson’s theme is great as ever


Department S

A neglected gem of a show which unusually had the individual episode title and writer/director credits before the opening title sequence

The Avengers (Johnson theme)

We all know  it is  great.


Man in a Suitcase

So  good Chris Evans pinched it for TFI Friday

So as a life long fan of Doctor Who what  is my number 1?





Bet you  didn’t  expect  that



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