English on a Wet Friday

Now this was a rather unexpected word in the daily prompt roster and it immediately bought me back to my Secondary School days and English Lessons on a Friday Morning  during year 8. I recall that for year 8 I was in a class which had a bizarre set up of three teachers for each of our lessons, we had three lessons a week I recall: two standard 70 minute less and a half length 35 minute lesson which was usually Silent Reading or catching up on work from the previous lesson. For the start of the week we had a pre-lunchtime lesson with Mrs Roberts, middle of the week (Wednesday I think, hey it was 20 years ago) we had the half lesson with Mr Supple and first thing Friday morning we had the other double lesson with a young still wet behind the ears teacher called Mrs Atherton (nee Morris) who left a rather lasting impression upon many a young student thanks to her penchant for wearing low-cut blouses and being a little on the top heavy side, I think it was about term and a half in when she very suddenly switched to wearing more “teacher-like” blouses and jumpers, I wonder if it had dawned on her that half the students were ogling her or if she’d had a writ from up high. Anyway I digress, we had one morning lesson where the subject of the class was onomatopoeia and then prompting us to all have an attempted at writing a poem using onomatopoeia… I hated writing poetry mainly as I was and still am absolute shite at writing it unless it is  limericks (and they aren’t all about young men from Nantucket).

I cannot remember what I ended up writing but I do remember that one of my friends, possibly Big Nick, using the verse  ‘the plop of crap’ and got a little note in read saying along the lines of “I think you need to reconsider your choice of phrasing” or some such. I used to enjoy English as there couple of elements which got me going (no not those!), chiefly the chance to be creative with the written word and the opportunity to do some critical thinking and analysis. Frequently we were asked to write a review of a film we’d watched over the holiday periods or write a review of a book we’d read and it was always fun, Mrs Atherton in particular had a good drive in getting you to treat it like you were writing for a paper or magazine and for the creative writing when putting it for presentation to get us to treat it like we were publishing a book. So we’d have to do a cover, write an about the author piece and do a blurb, the latter an exceptionally good idea as it got you into thinking of how to summarise a text, a tool which would be essential in later education.


via Daily Prompt: Plop


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