Cake Walkin’ Babies Back Home

“Don’t Eat that Cake”

That was a track on an album by the British Blues/Jazz Guitarist Billy Jenkins from the album Blues Zero Two, a name which is an obvious nod to the Gulf War call signal Bravo Two Zero, but try as I might I have yet to track down a copy of the album for a reasonable price. However, it transpires  you can listen to it on Spotify now. I will warn you that Jenkins is an acquired taste and his switch to his growly gruff voice for some numbers may be enough to put you off his work, I don’t think he is meaning his vocal tones to be taken 100% serious though.


So lets talk about cake of the edible kind, I’m more a Savoury pudding man rather a chap with a sweet tooth and I would rather have a Date and Walnut pudding then a Chocolate Cake for pudding. On the other hand I do like a nice Cheesecake and it is usually my first port of call when ordered a Pudding when dining out and you can usually tell a lot about the nature of the pudding section by what cheesecake it is: Baked New York Style usually means it is a bought in affair and something you could easily find on the shelves at your local Kwicksave or Gateway store. I ordered a Lemon Cheesecake at the Euston Way when on a double date with Mary-Moo and Dave and Rochelle and it was a bog standard supermarket affair, I told them I wanted my money back. The more curious the flavour the more likely it is to be home made  and you can’t beat that rustic look you get when they are made on premises.




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