Daily Prompt: Sandwich


For most of my school days I was one of the students who bought a packed lunch which invariably involved a couple of Sandwiches, a yoghurt of some description, an apple or orange (I’m allergic to Bananas) and either a bag of crisps or some small chocolate based biscuit bar (a Kit-Kat, Blue Ribbon or some such), this was in the days before the arrival of the lunchtime police evidently.

Normally the sarnies were straight forward affairs, Cheese & Tomato, Cheese & Onion, Ham and Mustard and so forth until the local Morrison’s opened up a deli counter and all sorts of interesting fillings started arriving… I don’t think my class mates forgave me for Garlic Sausage Sandwiches though …

These days I am a big fan of Fish Finger Sandwiches or a Caribbean Club when I get the chance, the latter tends to be a dining out thing though as it is a heck of a lot of effort to make the marinade for dining alone. Monday lunch usually consists of a sandwich made of left over meat from a Sunday roast with a few extras thrown in to give it a bit of variety.

So humble reader, what is your favourite Sandwich filling?


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4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sandwich

  1. Seems we share a certain something from our childhood days. Did yo also find that the bread became soggy from the tomatoes? I was pre deli days, but I doubt if my mum would have bought “that foreign muck” for lunch when I was a school kid. 🙂

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    • If memory serves Mum used to sandwich the tomatoes between the cheese slices to minimise that effect. However I do recall the seafood mix sandwiches having the Big Mac effect in that biting in resulted in the filling falling out the other end


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