Dregs of the Summer Homebrew

I have my BritJazz playlist going as I type (John Dankworth/Humphrey Lyttelton- Take the A Train) and it is a rather overcast Saturday, I don’t have any really plans for the day though I will try and finally get myself to see Suicide Squad at the local cinema, I like going to the Cinema but I really can’t be doing with all the kids running around the halls, luckily its a 15 rated movie so at least there won’t little uns- just moody teens sniggered like Beavis and Butthead at everything. Truth is there haven’t been many films released over summer which have appealed to me: Sausage Party (no, it isn’t Gay Porn or a Will Wheaton house party) doesn’t appeal and looks like a poor imitation of Ted. Zac Efferon seems like a poor man’s Seth MacFarlene anyway. The new Purge movie feels like it is flogging a dead horse as there wasn’t much mileage in the first one if you ask me, the remake of Ben Hur… maybe but in terms of remakes I think the new Magnificent Seven might be a more viable option and do we really need another Blair Witch? (Tubby Hayes- Room 608)
Wednesday was my Mother and Father’s Ruby Wedding Anniversary to which Pops mused “40 years eh? I’d got less if I’d strangled her”- who says romance is dead? To mark this occasion they went out to Bistro Jacques for an anniversary meal- they seemed to enjoy it. (Kenny Baker’s Half-dozen- Button Up Your Overcoat).
On the home entertainment front I tracked down a copy of The Curse of the Crimson Alter which is a classic Hammer movie written by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln of Web of Fear, a title perhaps only a few readers will be familiar with, it is also notable for being the last film to star Horror legend Boris Karloff and he plays against type as a wise detective and he gives a bravo performance despite his declining health leaving him wheelchair bound (allegedly his agent said they could have him walking around or talking- not both so they wisely opted for talking) and as such makes it a rare case of a 60s film showing a disabled character in a positive light. The film has some good twists in it and while the hippy aspect may have dated it a little it is overall a good film with good performances from Christopher Lee and Barbara Steele and a cameo by Rupert Davis of Maigret fame. I also purchased one of Hammer’s rare sojourns into straight ahead sci-fi with Four Sided Triangle, a title I may have borrowed at some point, it was made in 1952 so we’ll see how it stands up. Sadly the film didn’t have its little booklet which was advertised on the box (it is a second had film bought from the Amazon market place) but never mind.
On the more successful film side I watched the Chet Baker biopic Born to be Blue which was quite good although Ethan Hawke looks bugger all like Chet, it perhaps simplifies his life a bit and casts him in a slightly better light then several biographies have suggested. It is perhaps closer to the truth then the Miles picture was and certainly less flamboyant in execution and has a much gentler pace, it is a nice laid back film with some nice musical interludes.

I ploughing on with Abdu El Yezdi and things are beginning to fall into place and I am more convinced I know what the Secret is… I’ll probably be hideously wrong though. (Al Fairweather- St. James Infirmary Blues) I have a huge amount of reading ahead as I have the next two books in the series to read (The Return of the Discontinued Man and the Rise of the Automated Aristocrats respectively) and I have finally bitten the bullet on another range thanks to gentle encouragement by Sian, yup I have bought a cheap set of the Harry Potter books- Sian being something of a fan and I thought a trip to London to see the play and the Potterland theme park would be a fun treat for her, will be odd going to London and not calling on Amy… I dunno perhaps turning up with a young lady will ease the situation between us, who knows? (Stan Tracy- Starless and Bible Black)

Life is good at the Mytton although I seemed to have been recruited as unofficial real ale advisor
due to a staff shake up putting someone with no real cellar experience in charge of the cellar- which may explain why a delivery of 1066 from Battlefield Brewery was delivered instead of the 1403. Anyway I looked up some of my old contacts and hopefully have helped nudged them in the right direction, the young lady in charge does seem to have the right idea in that with four pumps there shouldn’t be three permanent ales and one guest. Doombar is a compulsory ale but the others are optional (Joe Harriott- Oleo), they are keeping Shropshire Gold and I think there is little point examining anymore ales by Salopian as all their beers kind of taste like Shropshire Gold anyway. I pointed the advantage of Wye Valley and Holden’s in that they have monthly specials available so you can have a nice variation of ales going through the pumps, I also put forward Rowton Brewery and good old Stonehouse Brewery from Oswestry. Sadly Shires and Morton have stopped brewing which is a shame as they did nice brews.
The Cock Hotel is its usual fun self with some excellent beers in such as Monty Python’s Holy Ale by the Black Sheep Brewery, Engineer’s Best by Big Shed and some interesting beers from Green Duck and Battlefield. (Amancio D’Silva- A Street in Bombay).

I think that is all for now, hope you are doing ok.

And Finally
Why doesn’t Tarzan have a Beard???


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