Daily Prompt: Zing!

“What is this zing? Is it some kind of white guy slang?”- Two and a half Men

I’ve never used the word Zing in an slang sense, so perhaps it is American White Guy slang, as anyone who has seen me dance will know I am most definitely a white man.

The nearest use of Zing I have probably ever used is when ordering a Chicken Zinger Burger from KFC, a burger which despite the promise is not the spicy Burger I was expecting. Well certainly the UK equivalent,  I can’t speak for the USA as on none of my three visits did I visit a KFC, MY Chicago/Michigan trip mostly had me visit Jimmy Johns if getting a quick lunch. Jimmy Johns is a chain which hasn’t yet reached the shores of the UK as far as I know, there may be one or two down in London I guess.


via Daily Prompt: Zing!

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