Sting’s Maximus Opus


One of my favourite compositions is Fragile by Gordon Sumner who was the lead of the pop group the Police. A little known fact is that Gordon Sumner, or Sting as he is better known, was something of a jazz fan, which only really shows in his own recordings is English Man in New York and possibly Perfect Love Gone Wrong. However he has guested as a vocalist on afew Jazz recordings such as Andy Summers’ take on Monk’s Round Midnight, Guy Barker’s You Don’t Know What Love Is and a few recording by Chris Botti.

However a few Jazz artists have covered Fragile and Until… so here are my favourite versions:


3 thoughts on “Sting’s Maximus Opus

  1. Personally I feel its akin plagiarism when musicians sing/play famous songs not written by themselves. It makes me really angry! I think it’s like this: I’m this great singer but I can’t write my own song, so let me sing Fragile (or any other of the kind). Everyone will inevitably listen to it and I’ll get my piece of fame and glory. Same concerns jazz musicians who play their versions of iconic songs. And they are praised for it! Seriously?!


    • Not really as no one claims to have written them themselves and often artists will see something in a different way to the original. But if someone is going to just to do an out and out copy of the original I do see your point. But having been bought up in a country where for a lot longer it was the sale of the sheet music and the number of times it got recorded was the indicating factor to popularity of a song. And of course sometimes the iconic recordings of a song are covers and get reappropriated (The Drifters cover of You’ll Never Walk Alone for example, so many people don’t realise it is from Carousel and not just the Liverpool Footy team anthem).


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