Daily Prompt: Panic


Those of us Brits whose childhood was mostly in the 1980s and were owners of the old 8 bit computers such as the ZX Spectrum, the Amstrad and the good old Commodore 64, will no doubt be very aware of this little fellow.

The those of you  unfamiliar with Dizzy I suggest you tootle across to the Dizzy Fan site http://www.yolkfolk.com to fill yourself in.

This  particular game was one of the later releases being released in 1990 just as the UK game market was being to be taken hold of by the Nintendo and Sega Master System and soon the notion of waiting ten odd minutes for a game to load would be a thing of the past. But the Commodore 64 and Spectrum managed to cling on for a few more years.

This game can best be described as disappointing, it seems to be an attempt at cashing in on Tetris and looks like it was shoe-horned into the Dizzy series to boost sales.


Pretty much the game is fitting shapes into the correct hole. If you get three at the same time the chutes dispensing the shapes ascend and if you get four a toy is also made. Yeah I still don’t really get it either. One thing which used to annoy me was the level changed around you… so your items which were correctly lined up suddenly would not be….

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