Some writer muses on Ticket

  • I originally started writing it in a B and B in London during a cold winter.
  • The pub is loosely based on the Castle in Castleton, Derbyshire. The roof skylight was in the room and the view from the window was of a fort ruin rather than a railway station.
  • Terry the Landlord is based on the Chef at a roadside cafe I frequented when Brett and I went on random days out in Wales. Yes he was that impossibly cheerful.
  • The train station is based on one just outside Whitchurch which does seem to be in the middle of nowhere
  • I can’t recall if Murray and Price are named after anyone, but they do share their names with leads from The Navy Lark.
  • Inspector Dean is named  after the actor Ivor Dean who played Inspector Teal and Inspector Large in The Saint and Randall  and Hopkirk (Deceased)
  • Marston Plummer is an in joke to Sexton Blake

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