Share Your World week 39

A class you wish you would have taken?
There are many, but certainly at secondary school I wish I could have taken GCSEs in Physics, Biology and Chemistry as opposed to the standard double award. In College I was I had stuck with doing IT but it bored the pants off of me. Car Mechanics also, mainly t save me some cash.
What’s your favourite comic figure and why?
Are we talking comic as in a humorous type or comic as in a Comic book? I’ll assume the later and conclude I probably have three. Garfield, the lazy and sardonic Monday Hating feline creation of Jim Davies.
Herge’s infamous Belgian reporter Tin-Tin with his collection of colourful characters such as Captain Haddock, Thompson & Thomson and the absent minded professor whose name I cannot recall.
Finally, Bob Kane’s caped crusading vigilante: Batman. Out of all the DC and Marvel universes I think Batman appeals to me more because he doesn’t have any real super abilities, he is a man who uses his wealth and intelligence to make him the hero (or is he an anti-hero?).  Superman kind of lacks any real dramatic edge because, he’s practically indestructible and it is a foregone conclusion he will win.
Name something you wish you could like.
I wish I could like Haddock in a digestive sense, I like the taste and the aroma but it doesn’t agree with my stomach and gives me bad indigestion. A problem as many Fish and Chips shops use Haddock in the Fish & Chips these days. Also going down dining means of I can’t partake in a fish pie or indulge in the fish specials.
Tell me about your first crush / first date / first
First crush? Actual person was a girl in final year of Primary School called Louise. I never did anything about it though.
My first date was with a girl called Hannah whom I meant in an MSN Chat room called Easy Chat. We went to Himley Hall for a day out, which is just outside Wolverhampton. We had a log walk around the groups and I totally deny checking out her arse as she climbed over a fence. I recall we nearly kissed sitting on a long but I think we were both too nervous.
First kiss was also with the same girl a few months later, we had a date night and watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie Rear Window and about half way in got affection on the settee… to this day Hannah doesn’t know how the film ended. After the film we went to Jazz Club 90 to see the Wabash Jazz Men with Reg Fury on Trombone, I remember that because Hannah played trombone and was constantly watching him.
Who was your best friend when you were 10?
I would probably say it was Brett who unlike most kids if they move to a new School did not stay out of touch. In school it was Mark, Eric and Dom and every playtime we’d imagine ourselves as characters in our own sci-fi universe incorporating various elements from our favourite sci-fi shows.
What sign are you? Do you believe in astrology?
Being born towards the end of February I have the joy of answering with “I’m a piss-keys” to which the reply usually is “Don’t you mean Pisces?” and I answer “No I mean piss-keys… as in off!”
I think that answers the second question.

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