Daily Prompt: Border

One of the  things which I have noticed about the Jazz world is that musicians, critics and fans like to put up borders on the music. You tend to get people who like a particular style and tend to put a border up between other genres.

Good old Humphrey Lyttelton has audiences screaming  “get out dirty bopper” when he had the audacity to have a Tenor Sax player in the line up of his current working band (the horror! The Horror!) which was evidently thought of as a betrayal of the revivalist movement.

The attitude extends to source material as well, the album Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section is unusual in that includes the Dixieland standard ‘Jazz Me Blues’ in the set list… an unusual thing in a post bop album. I’ve noticed that attitude  in the bands at the Harp, it was a rarity to hear a post swing era number and only a few bands did play more modern stuff. One of the things I loved about the Heart of England Jazz band and the Jazz Bandits lead by the late John Burnet was that you’d have a few more modern numbers or not jazz associated tunes thrown in. HoE would sometimes play Horace Silver’s The Preacher and the song Streets of London while John Burnet’s Jazz Bandits frequently closed with Watermelon Man and would have St. Thomas,  Oleo and Birdland in the sets.

To me be setting up these borders just serve to be counterproductive and it is a attitude which needs to be stamped out.

via Daily Prompt: Border

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