Time Flies Like an Arrow, Fruit Flys like a Banana

It has been a modest week in the world of the Sandman with work being surprisingly busy for the time of the year, normally October has a lull in trade as the debts of Summer are paid off and people start to save for the festive season. However the out of season Sunshine and Warm weather has meant trade hasn’t dropped too much. It occurred to methat perhapsghe Bacon, Brie and Cranberry Sandwich should be listed slightly different as BBC does have another connotation and I don’t mean the British Broadcasting Corporation. It occurred to me when young Sophie went into the kitchen telling the Chef that table five wanted a white BBC…

Unfortunately the dreaded Lurgy has ambushed me and I spent most of the week suffering from the dreaded Man-Flu, Thursday being a particularly heavy day. Needless to say Friday I spent a large part of the day in my jammies either in bed or wrapped in a duvet on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and watching reruns of The Goldbergs and How I Met Your Mother. Anyway I forced myself to stop lying around although I feel the bed rest did me good as I was in better shape Saturday, though I still have a phlegmy throat but my joints don’t ache, I’m less lathargic and I have stopped chocking on my own spit during the night which is a vast improvement, but still I have to clear my throat a lot.

The big news in the world of British comedy is the return of the space set sitcom Red Dwarf and how is it bearing up so far? It’s been ok and more akin to series 4 rather than the heights of 2 and 5, but not the depths of Back to Earth and series 8. The opening episode Twentica has a fun set up of the crew visiting an alternative 1920s where it isn’t alcohol that is banned but Science and has some amusing inversion of the girl in the club banter and some nodding winks to sci-fi villian speach clichés. Episode 2, Samsara, acted as a sort of sequel to Justice which some Dwarfers have dismissed as an unimaginative retread but I disagree as here it plays the concept differently and shows the effects it has upon those living under the influence of a justice machine field and also reminds me of the closing speach by Hartnell in the Doctor Who story Keys of Marinus. The best bit though has to be the Cat’s idea on British history and great thinkers. The third episode, Give & Take, was a weaker so-so episode which featured a rather well designed surgical Robot and an intentionally naff Robbie the Robot style Robot. There isn’t anything particularly bad about it as a whole, it just seems rather meh with only a circular time travel element worthy of Jonny Morris to maintain interest. This series seems more to focusing on the sci-fi and less on the character interplay that made series 10 such a joyous return to form, also I feel they need to reboot Holly.

Life seems pretty cool with my pals down at the Mytton with Tom managing to go an entire three days without mentioning my unmentionables (seriously dude what is it with you?) and the usual level of banter. I popped into the Shoes on Friday hoping to catch up with Pete only to find he was in Majorca, however I did run into Sprout: my case comes up next week. He seems his usual self and it was good to catch up with him.
On a vaguely related note it would seem that old Mary-Moo is leaving Wroxeter after what must be nearly ten years, I wish her well in whatever her next venture is, good luck Moo.

A small Amazon order was placed this week, Is There Life Outside the Box the autobiography of the actor Peter Davison- one of Britain’s most versatile actors who despite a number of leading roles has managed to escape type casting, though his roles as Tristan in period Veterinary drama All Creatures Great and Small and his three year stint as the fifth Doctor Who are probably his most remembered. Also a clasdic and somewhat forgotten late 80s sci-fi show, now if Firefly could be seen as cowboys in space, this is a police show in space as indicated by its name: Star Cops. This was devised by Chris Boucher of Blake’s 7 fame and should be good, I also have Spike Milligan’s Q on preorder. Milligan was one of the UK’s most inventive comics whose radio series The Goon Show was a comedy landmark and it and Q were clear influences on Monty Python and as such you could call him the godfather of alternative humour. I imagine the series will be somewhat hit and miss but I’m sure there will be plenty of ideas banded about.

So I shall sign off with a clip Goon Show, this has had visuals added to it as the show was on the radio,Peter Sellers joins Spike in a classic moment from the episode “The Mysterious Punch Up the Conker”, an episode about a guy wearing a giant boxing glove on his head punching people on the nose and escaping in a leather omnibus… no really it is.


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