Share your World week 42

If you wanted to de-clutter where you live, what room / space would you start with?  (And why, if you’re feel like admitting to it.)

I would probably start with the bedroom although physicallying speaking I am restricted  on space, so I would perhaps consider turning it from a bed room to a store room. Mind you I help matters by boxing somethings up and shifting them elsewhere.


If you want to remember something important, how do you do it (sticky note on the fridge, string around your finger, etc.), and does it work?

Normally I just commit it to memory, but sometimes I write things down the blackboard in the kitchen.

If you could create a one room retreat just for yourself, what would be the most important sense to emphasize:  sight (bright natural light, dim light, etc.), hearing (silence, music, fountain, etc.), smell (candles, incense, etc), touch (wood, stone, soft fabrics, etc.), or taste (herbal tea, fresh fruit, etc.)?

I think it would have very specific acoustics, enough to drown out the outside world if I wanted quite and muffled enough for me to be able to listen to music or blow my horn without causing distraction to others.

If you could interview one of your great-great-great grandparents, who would it be (if you know their name) and what would you ask?

I think I would want to either interview Ernest Finch, my mum’s dad who died in 1959 when mum was 9 years old. Born in 1901 he was a man of a very different age to even my grandfather and he lived through both world wars for being too young for call up in the great war and too old for the second world war, in which he served as an ARP warden and medical orderly. I think I would have to ask him about the fateful date when he got the call to attend a road accident as a woman had been hit by a bus and for him to arrive on the scene and find the now deceased woman was his wife.  Then I would ask about how he met my grandma who was 12 years his junior and was there are social awkwardness about it all. I have only scene two photos of mum’s dad and they may well be the only two in existence, one is the wedding photo of him and grandma and one of him and my mother as a baby in a field on the farm he lived and worked on.


Ernest and Grandma’s wedding photograph


This is part of Cee’s Share Your World Series 



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