Don’t Fall off the Bridge

“What time is it?” asked Monty in a sibilant whisper.

“19:23” replied the Corporal. “Relax they’ll be here… ”

Almost on cue a dark red saloon  car pulled up on the opposite side of the bridge. The Corporal nodded to Monty and they got their passenger out the Land Rover and proceeded to the end of the bridge.  Two grey suited men stood at far end with a young dark haired man stood between them.

“It is time,” said the Corporal and marched with the passenger to the middle of the bridge.

Monty watched from a distance and drew out his revolver even though he knew at this range he wouldn’t me that much of a help. “oh no,” he hissed as he spotted a young woman with red highlights in her hair casually stroll across the bridge with whom he assumed was her boyfriend. They were casually photographing on another and were clearly in the middle of a fun night out. Monty clutched the trigger, his hand trembling.

The man on the other side crossed to the centre of the bridge as did Monty’s passenger, the two men exchanged a glance before marching forward to the opposite sides. The Corporal waited for both men to reach the other side and kept the two on the bridge in the side of her vision.

“It has been a pleasure doing business with you,” called one of the suited men.

“You too,” called back the Corporal with a nod and indicated to Monty to lower his gun. As he did sounds of gun fire and ricochets filled the air and dust and chips of concrete covered the bridge. As the Corporal and the men dived for cover Monty saw the red haired girl  grab one of the men and knee him in the stomach while the boyfriend quickly over powered the second man and jumped in the saloon car beckoning the girl and man to join him as he started the engine. A second wave of shots rangout and a bullet singed the girls arm as she slammed the door shut.

“Drive!” she yelled and with that the man put his foot down and with a screech of tyres the car was gone.

The Corporal ran to the two dazed men, “sorry change of plan.”

“Never trust a woman soldier,” said the man. “I wasn’t expecting  your own snipers to fire on you as well.”

“You mean your snipers, we just buried some fire crackers and put them  on a radio trigger.” Said the Corporal.

“We have no back,” said the second man.

“But… that means someone else was trying to snatch the guys. ..”


via Daily Prompt: Bridge


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