Autumn Leaves

Hi guys how are tricks?
Well due to a technical issue my next series of updates will be written on phone or tablet due to a minor technical issue with the Laptop (I accidentally broke the screen), be wary of the joy of predictive text.

Last few weeks for some reason I have been feeling somewhat lethargic and quite sleepy at times, on a couple of my splits at work I decided rather than go home or do some writing I have tried to grab a half hour or so nap. Something some times hindered by the pub phone ringing or passers by banging on the window to ask if are open, (next to no lights on and a chap snoozing on a seat evidently not being a strong enough indication). Monday being an exceptionally long day as I did my first breakfast shift meaning a 6:30 start and my usual Monday hours, believe me by the end of my day I was well and truely cream crackered.

Been having some odd dreams of late, some just frankly bizarre and random but several of them featuring the presence of Mary Moo and other faces from the not so distant past, ah well at least Orson Welles didn’t pull my heart out this time. I’m sure I read or watched a film which postulated that a percentage of everyone’s dreams are echoes from parallel universes and show the path not trodden, I cannot recall where this notion comes from so perhaps I have made it up, if so Copyright Nick Griffiths 2016.

Deep breath time, you may well recall me mentioning my sister emigrating to Canada, well pretty much since she went all she has down is cause nothing but grief to the family since she’s been out there. First up ahe’s decided that she doesn’t want to do doctoring anymore as it is too tricky. Hang on, I’m fairly certain that a heart attack ot asthma and what not are exactly the same in Canada, maybe its because some people speak French. It has taken six weeks for her to hive us an address, she’s expect us to sort out the bank transfers from her English bank to her account of the Royal Bank of Canada. Will only commincate on the phone if it is via wi-fi and refuses to answer any calls.. is it that difficult to get a phone card and use a goddamn payphone? I used them when in the states, it isn’t hard to do and all your doing is freaking out mum which in turn is angering Dad and just creating an uneasy level of tension in family life. Man if I wanted a high level of drama at home I’d move in with Sian at her family home. She’s doing my f—ing nut in, she’s acting like a goddamn fiive year old throwing her toys out the pram because her little plan hasn’t worked out. Well sis, do you know why your plan didn’t work out? Because you haven’t done a single thing resembling sensible planning. Did you scout out a place to live? No. Have you even sortec getting the house in Chesire on yhe market, arrange any viewings and set up communication with the estate agents over selling it while out the country? Did you buggery!!!

*and relax*

I watched Serenity on Blu-Ray last night. Good but a little confusing and I may have to watvh it again, I did ask Sian to set me straghit on some of the events but her reply just confused me a bit more. For those of my fellow readers who don’t know Serenity was the feature film sequel to Joss Whedon’s shortlived Sci-Fi masterpiece Firefly which can best be described as a Western in Space with a dash of Blake’s 7 thrown in for good measure. The film admittedly lacks some of the Western in Space motifs that populated and made the TV series so entertaining but it is a good film and can enjoyed as a standalone movie if you haven’t seen Firefly.

After way too long procrastinating I have finally finished the Secret of Abdu El Yezdi by Mark Hodder a nd after a confusing start it solidified into a good well thought out steampunk novel with many twists and an amusing notion as to how Bram Stoker got his inspiration for Dracula and in particular a certain aspect ofvthe story and an amusing nod to the classic 1922 silent vampire movie Nosferartu. I did manage to figure out the titular secret about two-thirds in and I’m not sure if I am glad or disappointed about it, anyway it sets up book 5 in
the series which is entitled the Return of the Discontinued Man and heavily implies a return for Spring-Heeled Jack.

I was intending to read the next two books straight afterwards but I thought it best to break it up a bit and instead have opted for reading The Long Shadow of the Little Giant by Simon Spillett, a biography of the late great Britsh Jazz Legend Brian Edward “Tubby”Hayes who like many jazz legends died at a tragically young age long before his musical story was up. ALso being a man of many talents I have started Thirteen Guests by J Jefferson Farjeon which is part of the British Library Crime Classics reissue series, Farjeon having also written the ‘best selling’ Mystery in White and also wrote the dtory for which the Alfred Hitchcock film Number 17 is based on. Number 17 wasone of Hitchcock’s early pictures and not very well known save for an ending which contains a sequence which looks like Thomas the Tank Engine on Acid. At Sian’s insistance I have made a start on the Harry Potter books, the fact that I have never read them or scene any of the movies will probably be a surprise to regular readers of my blog, my plan is to take Sian to see the new play in London and dhe advised me to read the books first so I don’t get lost.

The nights are drawing in, log fires are being kit, I’m back in my Maigret coat and that means that Wells have started brewing the Stivky Toffee Pudding ale again, an absolute favourite of mine and so with gentle toast I bid you HAPPY HALLOWEEN


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  1. Mr. Swiss was always a followier of Tubby Hayes and had the pleasure of seeing him play with The Jazz Courriers in The Blue Lagoon and another club but cannot remember the name. He also saw him play the vibrophone. This was in the fifties when he was supposed to be learning english somewhere in Hannover Square but seemed to spend the evenings visiting varioius London jazz clubs (the marquee as well before it turned to rock). Of course we also have the book.

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