The Wisdom of Auron

"A man who trusts can never be betrayed only mistaken." -Cally, Blake's 7 These  words are spoken to the second and later first male lead of that series Kerr Avon played by Paul Darrow who delights in some outrageous scenery chewing in later episodes. Trust is clearly an issue for the character who is an … Continue reading The Wisdom of Auron

Share Your World week 41

Do you believe in love at first sight? Perhaps not love at first sight or the more cynical lust at first sight, but I think we do possess an ability to recognise certain aspects of body language which appeals to our own particular characteristics. Your first car? It was an M Reg Burgundy 1 litre Citeron AX. … Continue reading Share Your World week 41

Saturday Fiction: And the Spring Passes Silently By

Very much just jotting down a scene from an idea for a story featuring my character Arthur Fransure. The idea originated from two separate stories which I both felt lacked.... something. So after leaving them both in the bottom of my metaphorical sock draw I dug them out and decided to combine elements of both of them. … Continue reading Saturday Fiction: And the Spring Passes Silently By