In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”

Pleased to Meet You

Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each other? Do they get along?

First there was pain. Sharp searing pain just behind the eyes as if someone had stuck a laseron probe through the nasal cavity.  Perhaps they had, Federation prison guards were not hired for their soft touch. Slowly the pain numbed and his body feel awash with the awkwardness of pins and needles, he opened his eyes and found the sharp light stinging on his retina.  After a few minutes blinking the sharp light slowly gaveway to vague geometric patterns shifting as if in some kind of Kaleidoscope and  finally the world around him, if world was the word. It was a Federation penal institution, you couldn’t really call it a world.

“You are awake at last,” came a voice from somewhere. It sounded like the voice of mature woman which had cracked over a number of years. The hum in his ears prevented him from sonically assertating her location. “Take it slowly and focus on one thing at a time.”

“Thank you,” he replied, his a horase whispher. “That that had never occured to me. I felt it more logical to flail and attempt to take on the world at once.”

“Don’t be rude, you need friends in here,” snapped the woman.

“If you are after friendship I suggest you refrain from stating the obvious, ” he answered as he managed to prob himself into an upright position and face his companion. She was about sixty and had clearly been quite pretty in an early life,  but her face was marked with scars and grey in colour like most long term federation prisoners.  She looked familiar, he’d seen her somewhere before but a long time ago. He inhaled deeply,  his lungs feeling as if someone had rubbed the insides with wirewool. Salava gas he deduced, evidently the federation wanted him alive. Poltical reasons perhaps?

“Who are you?” Asked the Woman.

“My name is…” he paused. This might be a plant or a double agent. He coughed to conceal the pause. “Sorry, my name is Blake. Roj Blake”

“Blake and the Liberator?” She asked.


“You know it was destroyed don’t you…” said the woman sternly. She then smiled as she finished her sentance with warmth returning to her voice. “…Avon.”

“If you know who I am why is it you couldn’t simply call me by my name, it is what it is there for after all,” replied Avon.

“I had a feeling that you wouldn’t trust me if I called you by name right away.”

“Where as withholding information and probing me to confirm it is a far more honest way of gaining trust,” he sneered. “I wonder perhaps if you trained as a federation interrogator.”

“Hardly Avon,” replied the woman. “I’ve been imprisoned her for nearly twenty-five years.”

“Twenty five years?” Asked Avon. “Seems odd for the Federation to keep a prisoner alive for so long in a penal facility like this, I would have thought you’d have been exiled to Cygnus Alpha.”

“It was important to them for me not to be a martyr,” said the woman.

“Martyr?” Avon muttered to himself. His mind was beginning to work again and the pain was slowly reducing. Twenty five years ago was when the federation claimed all of the provinces on Earth filling in the void left by the abolition of the districts under the rule of President S… so that’s who she was.

“It seems you played into federation hands yourself Avon,” said the woman. “It was very foolish of you to shoot down Blake.”

“I thought he betrayed me,” Avon answered sternly.

“Did you really think Blake’s idealism would have really left him? But congratulations on giving him the Martyring, I doubt there isn’t a single rebel who doesn’t believe you were working for the Federation.”

“I am sure Servalan is most amused,” answered Avon. “So is that it now? I am Napoleon on Elba.”

“That’s one way of looking at it.”

“Well I can’t think of any other,” answered Avon with a wry smile. “Twenty Five years ago, you are her aren’t you?”

“Who is her?”

“Well there was always a rumour that you had gone underground and got a new identity, another that you had gone all Che and become a mercenary for hire on the outer worlds. But no, your the Queen of an isolated rock, a low key ending for the legendary Katniss Everdeen.”


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