Dog Days

I have Wynton Marsalis’ self titled album playing on the stereo and it is less the post-bop/hard-bop feeling that I have come to expect from Wynton, this having more than a little vibe of Miles’ Second Great Quintet circa Miles Smiles and ESP it seems in his early career Wynton spent far less time navel gazing and was more progressive. I strongly suspect that the critical and commercial success of his Standard Time series lead to him following upon on that path and his subsequent lets say, opinionated view up on the world of Jazz.

Ben give me a bit of a scare last week after suffering a massive  attack of the runs in the morning and then throwing up and pooping again a few minutes later, concerned that it was something major (he hadn’t looked himself the night before) I took him to the Vet and they ran some tests and it transpires he was suffering from Gastroenteritis and he had to be put on a Chicken and Rice diet and be given various tablets which he would only eat if wrapped in Ham. Next day he seemed fine and not being sick though his excreta was still of liquid consistency but come five o’clock he didn’t make it outside in time and he was pooing blood, so off to the vet again. Luckily it was just an off effect of the Gastro and though he was sulking for a few days as he wasn’t allowed in any carpeted rooms he has made a full recovery. I think he must have eaten something while out on a walk….

Onto more pleasant matters, I made the most an election day sale and bought myself a nice set of stuff from Amazon including a 4CD Boxset of early material by Mel Torme called Jazz & Velvet, Digs the Duke Meets the Count also by Torme which to my surprise also included the album Down Schubert Road, That Shearing Sound by the new George Shearing Quintet (new at time of release,1994), The Definitive Leadbelly- a 3CD set with a DVD. On Blu-Ray I bought a recent documentary about the original wacko-jacko, Jaco Pastorius and Batman: the Return of the Caped Crusader, which is an animated Batman film which has Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar returning to their roles as Batman, Robin and Catwoman respectively. It is as barmy and as silly as the TV show it is based on and yes it does have opening and close with the theme (though admittedly I was rather disappointed there aren’t cries of Batman! Batman! BATMAN! during the tune) and the fight scenes are accompanied by the words such as ZAP!!! POW!!! etc flashing up on screen. If it has any flaws to bring up it is that Adam West’s voice has cracked due to age and as such doesn’t sound quite right at first (though Newmar and Ward sound just as they did in the 60s) and the strange way the plot runs. Like all good movies it has a beginning, a middle and an end but for some reason there is another end added on and the last twenty minutes feels like it belongs to another film. There are plenty of bad puns and a silly Public Service moment where Batman lectures Robin on the dangers of Jaywalking which I will assume is there taking the piss and lots of moments to keep going back for. Fans of the darker, more serious trend of Batman movies will hate it but it isn’t aimed at them and it is a nice fun bit of relief from all the po-faced serious superhero movies that are currently dominating the silver screen.

I finally caught up with Pete after a long time having usually missed one another, Mary being present or Pete being up in Scotland and we had a good little catch up and it was nice to see Mr Paul again after not having seen him probably four years. With a limited amount of time to use my work Holiday days I am trying to organise a Sandman grand-tour to catch up with my out of town friends and as such I am looking to visit my old friend Julie down in Salisbury whom I haven’t seen since I went to the states to see Andrea, young Katherine in Reading (I can probably call in on my return from Salisbury) and of course young Sian so it may be quite busy. When telling my plans to Major Tom he looked at me and a minute later said “Bloody hell Nick, how many women have you got on the go?” I assure you two of them are just friends and will be staying that way.

Well Christmas is rapidly approaching and soon the streets of Telford will be awash with little darlings going door singing their little hearts out with every single  Christmas Carol they can remember for a bit of Christmas cheer and change and being the helpful man I am I have got polite sign to go on my front door:

I am trying my utmost to get my Peter Capaldi on for December, I think I still need to work on my attack eyebrows.

That’s all for now folks

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