Myth Makers

“Woe to Troy! Woe to Troy!”

“Shut up Cassandra it is too late to say whoa to the horse, I’ve just been given orders to have it bought into the city.”

Ok so I may not have stuck rigidly to the original text in regards to Virgil’s Aeneid and the ranksack of Troy by the Greeks but it is one of those stories that while of mythological nature people seem to believe as a fact. Now the identity of the ancient city of Troy is very much hotly debated, the ruins being excavated in Turkey are still a question of debate as to whether they are indeed those of the city of Troy or not. However the infamous Trojan Horse is most certainly a myth, namely as contrary to popular belief, the Trojan Horse is not mentioned in The Iliad or the The Odyssey, the two epic poems by the scholar and poet Homer but in Virgil’s Aeneid which was written in the 2nd Century AD and commissioned by the Emperor Augustus as a story about the beginning of Rome. It is perhaps worth noting that much of the history of the period was done orally and the orators may well have had a Chinese Whispers effect and perhaps like most myths there is a vague hint of fact about it. In the time period armies would use siege machines with animal names which were fitted with dampened horse hides to protect against flaming arrows, so it seems perfectly logical to me to think that this entered oral history and was either embellished or misinterpreted to become the Trojan Horse of myth, mind you the thought that the Trojan Horse was little more then a battering ram is somewhat disappointing.

There is a local myth/story about a hill near us but I will save that for a future post.







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