Frankie Says….

A Time Relax and Reflect in Quiet Contemplation

Well that is usually the plan for this time of year but as with many of you that seldom seems to go to plan.

On the Christmas Front I have done all my Christmas Shopping and posted off those which need to be delivered via the Royal Mail, I haven’t sent anything extravagant via the Mail this year, just a few bathroom sets for my two favourite young ladies who shall remain nameless to protect their identities…. and also to keep you all guessing as to who they are.

One stress factor which has been removed this year is the stress of preparing a Christmas Meal on Christmas Day, well on my families front anyway, myself I don’t have to worry about the stress about working Christmas Day for once. In a sense it shouldn’t be a stressful day as the meals are always pre-ordered and it is simply a case of getting them out, however it seldom turns out that way. I can think of many an occasion where what should be a simple plan goes up a popular creek without a method of propulsion in the blink of an eye: people forget what they ordered, the organiser orders the wrong thing, a patron sees a dish on another table and thinks “I wish I had ordered that” and proceeds to claim they did so and on rare occasion orders get mixed up in the kitchen at some point. Either way, it makes it a difficult an stressful occasion because it is also a showcase day for the Pub/Restaurant and things like that make a lasting impression. Also on Christmas Day you tend to get a shed load of people come out of the woodwork to have a Christmas drink, most of these are people who come to the Pub as often as I have my hair cut, about three times a year or less and half of them still expect to have a pint of mild for two-bob and insist on being Victor Meldrew about it. On top of that it one has to always keep your regulars well watered as let’s face it, they are the bread and butter for the place.


But this year I can relax on Christmas Day as I am not working and I am going out for Christmas Lunch and I have my families order written down which leaves the most important question of all, one which will only be answered on the day-what ales will be on the Hand Pulls on the day?

So this is my favourite Christmas Song to relax to, which by amusing coincidence is the Christmas Song. This rendition is by the late great Trombone Player Jack Teagarden whose vocals have that wonderful feeling that the song is being sung by a slightly tipsy uncle.


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