Share Your World- Holiday Edition

What types of food is associated with your holiday?

I am guessing for this question you are referring to Christmas, technically for me it could also be Hanukkah due to having a mix marriage somewhere back in my family tree. Being British the long term tradition for Christmas Fayre was roast Goose (the Sherlock Holmes story The Blue Carbuncle has a Christmas Goose as the MacGuffin) but at some point the more American tradition of Turkey has taken over, not just within my family but in Britain as a whole. In honesty I would imagine it is down to the lengthier period of having to rear a Goose to bring it too table as opposed to a Turkey and the subsequent difference in cost to buy which has caused the change in meal, to this day I don’t think I have eaten Goose. I always fancied one of those Five Bird Roasts and a few years ago we got a three bird roast which I think was Turkey, Duck and Pigeon Terrine and it was very nice. Above all the holiday food Britain associates with Christmas is the Brussel Sprout!

Do you travel for your holiday?

I am always working on and around Yuletide so travel is not possible for me to go away on the Day itself though I have once managed to get a pre-xmas holiday a few years ago. I certainly would like a Yuletide Holiday in the future but I feel that will only happen with a change of career I think.
Is it a religious or spiritual holiday?

For me it is neither, once it was a time for celebration for family and friends but so many of my friends have drifted or moved away I seldom get that warm yuletide spirit of good will to all men.
Is there a gift exchange?

Yes, we still exchange gifts. Mum has started to dress the dog as well


This is Missy, the latest edition to the family. Doesn’t she look thrilled at being made to wear that jumper

How long does the celebration last?

Usually a Day or two as it is fragmented due to my work commitments. Normally I would try and have a Christmas get together with pals between Boxing Day and New Year but I feel this won’t happen this year.


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