Zat You Santa Claus


It was the (proper) post before Christmas and all through the house, everything was even the mouse. Dogs in Sweaters and trees to put up, Menorahs are lit and presents are wrapped. So sit back in and let the Sandman recant, the stories of late and the nest of the Ant.

Ok I haven’t had any trouble with an Ant’s nest, poetry is hard and I needed a rhyme though a few years ago I did discover a Wasp’s nest in Pip’s loft and Pip being Pip wondered it if was still active and rapped her pen on it a few times.  I was out of that loft before the pen touched the nest I believe… fortunately for her it wasn’t active.

Well I have managed to get all my Christmas Shopping sorted with the postal gifts to Katherine and Sian dispatched on Monday complete with Novelty Christmas Cards, Secret Santa for work is completed and all I need do now is wrap all the Christmas presents and place them under the tree, which in a break in tradition in the Sandman’s abode is a real Christmas Tree this year as opposed to our fibre optic one. While it looks a lot more pleasant then the plastic it ones it does have the issue of dropping needles and they ended up getting lodged in my carpet slippers.

Of course this is small fry and as I type  the banisters are being draped with tinsel and fairy lights, the wreath is going on the front door and numerous other Ornaments are being placed around the house, it’s not quite the Santa’s Village of the Damned some people go to but we have a definite Christmas presence.  I have my “Christmas- To Watch and Listen” list which includes classic Christmas Movies and TV such as Holiday Inn, It’s A Wonderful Life, Scrooged, Muppet Christmas Carol, Die Hard, The Avengers: Dressed to Kill & Too Many Christmas Trees and of course the Day itself will host the now traditional Doctor Who Christmas Special which this year is entitled The Return of Doctor Mysterio* and is a set to be a homage to the superhero genre, specifically the Christopher Reeves Superman movies complete with nerdy alter-ego and investigative female journalist. I must admit from the preview clips and the trailer and the general synopsis it isn’t really striking out to me that it is going to be a cracker, more a stocking filler but hopefully not a Turkey. Sadly for me the Christmas specials tended to feel like stocking fillers though a few good ones did make it through such as The Snowmen, A Christmas Carol and Last Christmas, so my expectations are not high. Then again outside of sitcoms and soaps, Christmas specials for long running shows never really come off that well do they?

Listening wise I have classic comedy with Hancock’s Half Hour: The Christmas Club and Bill and Father Christmas and an episode of The Navy Lark in which Pertwee is put in charge of arranging the detachment’s Christmas Party. Music wise: Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas and Diana Krall: Christmas Songs.

*The Christmas Special is set in New York and has the city being protected by a mysterious Vigilante called the Ghost- I hope George Mann’s lawyers won’t be watching.

Truth be told, the last few weeks it hasn’t really felt like Christmas to me. I can’t really say why but I think the overall tone and feeling of the season doesn’t seem to have bought itself up. Normally I go and spend an evening at one of the various German Christmas Markets but I just haven’t seemed  to have the urge to do it. The shops don’t seem to be gripped by the manic rush of Christmas Shoppers that usually appear from 1am on 1st December, I know people buy online and there was the Black Friday sale but even so it seems a lot quieter then usual and it can’t just be that. Has the Holiday spirit began to evaporate around Telford?

My hunt for a new secondary local may well have come to a firm conclusion with the Huntsman at Little Wenlock which has a nice snug bar area separate from the dining area and a good selection of ales and a variety of pub snacks and a small bar snacks menu, plus it is near the Wrekin and dog friendly so if I take Ben and/or Missy up the Wrekin for a walk I know there is a dog friendly place I can pop in afterwards. Now I know it is dog friendly as the minute I walked in I spotted a familiar brown dog, it was Brownie- David and Wendy from the Kynn had popped in for a bit and bought the dog with them . It also appears that little Hannah who had worked with me at the Kyn and now at the Huntsman is back from Uni for Xmas, so a catch up may be in order though I notice she seems to have erm ‘developed’ since going to University, perhaps she is doing a lot of Pilates exercises.

With the Christmas Shopping completed on Tuesday I decided to pop up to the cinema and watch the Star Wars spin-off movie. It was quite good, set immediately before the first film (no I don’t mean the Phantom Menace) and is about the rebels stealing the plans for the Death Star and it seems that the script writer has been reading the Star Wars/ 9-11 conspiracy means by setting it up that the Death Star blowing was indeed an inside job. Where the films fails is that it is a little bit like doing a film about the gunfight at the OK Corral and ending it with Doc Holiday arriving in Tombstone to set up his dental practice, however there is plenty of action and adventure and another funny robot who this time is not a camp Oscar statue like CP30 or an annoying beeping droid like R2D2 or the one in Force Awakens more akin to Marvin the Paranoid Android from the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, which is of course a good thing. James Earl Jones returns as the voice of Darth Vader and the film almost features Peter Cushing thanks to the miracle of CGI and it is reasonably convincing. I’ll go into detail a bit later on…

Anything else, nothing really just time to bid you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

And Finally
I have started my own business making life size replica yachts in my attic  and selling them on e-bay, the sails are through the roof.

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