Share Your Work Week 52:

What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Oooh that’s a good one. I do miss the days of the Mr Whippy van down on the seafront where the treat usually was a 99 with a Chocolate Flake but the humble Mr Whippy Van has been superseded by  Vans with a wide variety of frozen delights (and also possibly narcotics if there is any truth to the Urban Myth).

So favourite flavour? I am rather partial to Rum & Raisin ice cream though it doesn’t seem to be in vogue at the moment as I can’t ever seem to find it at the Supermarket, but that may be because I don’t really have much interest in Dessert and when out for dinner it never seems to be a flavour on offer in the “selection of Ice Creams”. Pistachio is another flavour I like but again seems to be a flavour hiding in the shadows, but luckily I can still find Mint-Choc flavour so not all is lost.

If you were to treat yourself to the “finer things” what would you treat yourself to? 

I’m not really I sure I know what you mean by the “finer things” and I’m not one for being pampered so I don’t really know what I’d do. Probably just a get away to small village up in the Peak District with a nice pub, lots of hiking chances (now my knee works again), caves and lots of small curious places to visit.

Have you ever been drunk?

You could say I have been a little tipsy a couple of times.


That was a rather fun night in the Rock Bar at the Malthouse in Ironbridge and we’d both had the best part of a tidy few, I can’t remember the name of the band playing.

I think the worst drunk night I had was a friend’s 21st Birthday weekend and we decided to do a Monopoly Board pub crawl of London which started off well. We had a round of Porter in the Old Kent Road, Bitter in Whitechapel and so forth… we got to Pall Mall (I think) and we couldn’t remember what the next square was so a few of the boys decided to pop out to see if they could buy a Monopoly board (this was pre-smartphones and none of us had the foresight to bring one with us), we waited so long and then decided to meet the guys at a square we definitely did know. It all gets a bit hazey from there, I remember doing shots based on the Community Chest cards and pretty much the next thing I remember is being an all night café with a half eaten All Day Breakfast and I was for some reason wearing a  dress and my pal was covered in mud and I had someone’s expired by three years (and vandalised) passport in the dress pocket. When we got drunk that weekend we really got DRUNK.

Complete this sentence: My favourite supposedly guilty pleasure is… 


I’ve never really understood the concept of a guilty pleasure, if you enjoy it why should you feel guilty about it?


Share Your World Week 52

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