Santa Claus Blues

My Christmas wasn’t exactly full of the Santa Claus Blues, but the festive feeling of the day didn’t exactly reach until the midnight hour and the most prominent feeling as the day was utter boredom.

As I have previously mentioned for the first time in 17 years I was not working Christmas Day and as such the family and I went out for Christmas Dinner at the Kynnersley Arms in Leighton at the lovely time of spot on 12 o’clock due to family shenanigans meaning we were very late booking a table and it was a case of booking what was left, had the situation been different I think we would have booked a later table. So we set down for lunch and I indulged in a pint of the Winter Warmer which was a very nice dark porter and awaited the meal. My first course was Pan Fried Scallops which were very nice, main course proved me to be a very boring person as went for the traditional roast Turkey and stuffing complete with traditional Christmas Vegetable sides and my dessert was the Chocolate Bomb. Now if there was a flaw with my meal it was with the dessert as it needed to have been left out a bit longer to defrost as it was frozen solid and I imagine it was supposed to be a semi-frozen dessert akin to a Tiramisu, meaning attempting to eat it was the dietary equivalent of trying to access Fort Knox. I valiantly continued my attempt to finish and aside from a bit which exploded onto the floor (may that is why it was called a Chocolate Bomb… see what I did there?….  Oh alright, please yourself), the rest of my family went for the more traditional Christmas Pudding (I’m not really a fan of Christmas Pudding). Meal wise Nan had the Soup to start and the Turkey for mains, Mum also had the Scallops to start and had Roast Beef for main and Dad had smoked Salmon to start and honestly I can’t remember what he had for mains. Dinner was rounded off with some coffees and though I toyed with a Liqueur Coffee to close with but decided against it (I toyed with an English Coffee) and went for a pot of tea.

We were home about half past two and I walked the Dogs after persuading Mum not to dress Missy in her Christmas Jumper before opening the presents. Since I’m not ten years old anymore and I guess neither are any of my readers I won’t bore you with a Childish list of what gifts were bought by who for who but I will share the response of a dear friend to her surprise Christmas Gift


Isn’t she a charmer? Most people would just say thank you.


The thing was after the gift exchange and afternoon Tea it all got a bit dull. Between four and six there wasn’t even anything decent on the Idiot’s Lantern and we ended up watching the Wizard of Oz on Channel 5 (and my idea to watch in sync to Pink Floyd’s seminal classic Dark Side of the Moon fell on deaf ears), while my digestive tract decided to inform me I had an unknown allergy to a certain type of sea food, so you could say I was definitely on the move a lot. Anyway as it came to Six o’clock and I left the Living Room to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special which was better then I thought it was going to be and a tad icky for Christmas Day viewing. Once Who was finished my sister made a Skype call from Canada and gave us a visual tour of her Canadian home which has a basement most English Pubs would envy. Once the phone call was over the family settled down t watch the new Maigret starring Rowan Atkinson which failed to engage me in the same way the definitive series with Michael Gambon did so I retired and listen to an album I had recently purchased: Virtuoso by the late Joe Pass which is a solo guitar album and in a way was something of both a milestone in his own career and pushing the concept of solo instrumental albums in Jazz which until then was mostly  the domain of pianists.

So judging by the day I think next Christmas will benefit from a restructure, perhaps I can find a place with a later Christmas Lunch sitting so I can work and then go for Christmas Dinner which will hopefully make the day drag less, I don’t know we will have to see.



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