We’ve got our Shine on

,Three songs spring to mind when I hear the word Shine.


The first is that old favourite “Shine on Harvest Moon” which has been covered many times but I would say this is my favourite version. This is from the Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster album and is a fantastic pairing of two Tenor titans.

Of course those of us Brits of a certain age will no doubt recall the punning corruption of the song name for the sitcom Shine on Harvey Moon.


There is if cause the famous number “Shine” which by today’s standards might be considered tad racially insensitive. Her is a version  by the great British Bandleader Billy Cotton. Not sure who the vocalist is, it sounds like it might be a young Nat Gonella but I don’t know for certain.


Finally Shoe Shine Boy by Count Basie. This 1936 recording captures a fine solo by the late great Lester “Pres” Young, one of the most influential Tenor Saxophone players in Jazz.


One thought on “We’ve got our Shine on

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