Throwback Thursday: The Horseshoe Tsunami

This is a throw back to a Livejournal posted in October 2006. A different time but some names will be  familiar to contemporary readers.

Water, water everywhere and every chance to stink

With Mel and Nathan away on holiday, Tim has been on one long watch and this weekend has been a unusual turn of events.
First up, Emma the covering manager, phoned in sick on Saturday so were kind of hopping around. Tim was in the kitchen meaning the three wisemen (of sorts, problem is Kim is a female) were essentially running the show. Then at four o’clock something rather unfortunate happens, there appears to be a severe leak from the pot wash area and greasy water is spreading on to the floor. So Tim closes the kitchen so he can get it fixed and he does, so everything seems dandy. We got food breaks rather then usual breaks and the food in question ended up being some stuff from Maccy D’s. It was a reasonably busy night but then at closing time we had problem, the water was leaking again was scarily flowing on to the bar floor and the coffee area. Thinking it was a fault with the pot wash, Tim decided he’d have to do a cash in hand job for some to do washing up by hand for Sunday.

The situation gets even worse as every time a tap in the kitchen was turned on, we had a mini flooded of greasy water which had then got mixed with some over flow from the drainage system. I try to use my Jewishness to the best effect by standing in the kitchen and commanding the water to part…. it didn’t work. Tim recalled a comment I made about the previous night about a similar incident happening five months ago, so he goes out and checks the grease trap. The result its absolutely jammed and the grease has developed a crusty shell. Without any real choice Tim has to close the kitchen on Sunday lunch, our busiest day, but sadly he couldn’t do much after all with the stench from the grease trap, not to mention how unsafe it would be to work in a kitchen which is about three centimetres underwater. In the mean time all the crappy restaurant jobs are done, such as checking the tables for chewing gum stuck underneath, topping up the salt and peppers etc. while muggins here rolled the barrels out and cleaned the cellar. The floor was scrubbed thoroughly and broke up all the cardboard boxes. Then the clean out team for the grease trap. Then it was a case of shut all the external doors, windows and anything else we could find as we new that would reek big time. So the guy gets working and we all sit down twiddling thumbs as Tim was rather hoping we’d be able to do some cooking. Which essentially meant me and Neil had to sit around in a pub, without being able to have a beer! Then at five o’clock it transpires that the problem with the grease trap was more severe then we suspected as it appears. First up, the trap broke the guy’s machine four times and it seems the amount of greased had caused it pass into the drains and as result had been causing the drains to overflow and damage the pipes…. It gets better, while checking out documents we discover three years ago the grease trap was condemned and Whitbread had done naff all about it. So we get a drains expert in and he sorts out the drain and he has a guess that the pipes had burst but he’s need to do a camera survey to confirm it. Nice guy and boy was he small! Made Julie look tall. So I unexpectedly get the evening free.

Usual Monday.

First up I get a package from Andrea, cheers sweetheart. Then we have a really busy afternoon making nearly 800 before 5pm. On top of that we have a CMI inspection (a six month inspection equivalent to EHO) so we’re all over the place. Then come six o’clock guess what, the water problem returns and we are forced to close the kitchen again! Then we get more bad news as the floor appears to warping in several areas and because of the design of the pipes the only way a survey is going to be done is by taking up the floor. We are in big doo-doo. Still, gotta laugh as by this stage its just become funny. We’ve even rechristened the pub ‘The Tsunami’.
Once home a had a nice long converse with the lovely Andrea and very possibly let some of my mother’s nags about holiday plans get to me. Sorry babes.
I wonder what the rest of the week holds?

Choices: Watch Torchwood at 9pm or listen to Courtney Pine’s Jazz Crusade?

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