Thursday Fiction: Caught in the Act

The Detective checked the card, it was definitely the correct address, it just didn’t look as he expected. He wasn’t sure what exactaly he had expected but it certainly wasn’t this. The address appeared to be a small mews cafe being ran by a stetn looking middle aged woman who was busy frying the life out of a number of eggs.

  “Find a table love and I’ll be with you in a moment,” she answered as he approached. 

  “I’m not here to eat, I’m here on buisness.” Answered the Detective.

“Well so am I,” the woman answered transferring the eggs to various plates under the hot light.”

The Detective sighed and tried to toughen himself up, Now missy are you cracking foxy with me?” 

The woman stumbled a little, “am I doing what?”

The two players stopped and faced the perspiration drenched director.

“John what the hell was that?” He bellowed.

“Well I thought it would add flavour”

“John, your detective is from Withensea. He’s not going to talk like Philip Marlowe. Right everyone, from the top… and John put a bit more Yorkshire in the accent this tie.”

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