"INFORMATION. THE PROGRESS HAS ARRIVED AT DESTINATION. MAIN VISUAL IS AVAILABLE." "Put it on the main screen," instructed Commander Shore. Within milliseconds the optical panel was filled with the image of the planet, it was an odd looking world to say the least. It appeared to be more or less one continent which took up … Continue reading Touchdown

Share Your World 2017 March 27

Does your first or middle name have any significance (or were you named after another family member)? Which one? I have enough middle names to fill a small phonebook! But I will go with the middle name I use in my everyday life, Edward. Edward was name of my Granddad and my sister's middle name … Continue reading Share Your World 2017 March 27

The Warren

Dr Webster approached the seated committee, clipboard in hand and stood before them a little nervously. "Well doctor, what are your findings?" asked Wilson, the head of facility. "I discovered some interesting things about this virus of yours," began Dr Webster. "My first guess was that it was some kind of blood born infection due … Continue reading The Warren